02 May 2007

twilight zone

It's amazing what can happen in 20 or 30 minutes.

I stepped out side to hang a bit of laundry to dry--something I'm trying, and rather liking. First, I folded and brought in what was already out there. Then, I took the load from the washer and let Miss C run around while I hung what would fit on the line (two shirts are draped over the basket sitting on a tall stool).

That complete at last, I was debating on lunch at home right then or loading the van with the two of us and letting her nap in her seat before I ran my few errands. Instead, as I began double-checking the status of my diaper bag, my phone rang. It was my husband, and he was on his cell versus at the office . . . . ?

The call was not to tell me he was going out to lunch, but that apparently for the short time I was outside hanging laundry, the school had called, my husband had called, and even a friend of mine who my husband checked with had called (oh, and the next door neighbor may check in on my later, too--my husband was worried about me!).

It seems that Little B had no lunch. By the time my husband reached me, he was going to be faster getting lunch to our son than I would have been (I'd have had to remake it, he was getting close to a fast food place...that should make my son happy!). Lunch was over by this time, and I felt so bad. Of course, had I been in the shower, no one would have reached me, either, probably. I didn't go AWOL, but sure felt like it. Mostly, I hated that my husband had to drive the distance from the office. But, he will take the time to sit with his little boy for a few minutes, which will hopefully help his day--Little B had a total meltdown, is what my husband was told.

What I am wondering is where oh where did the lunch I packed this morning go? I know that inside the Buzz Lightyear lunch box with shoulder strap attached, resides an ice water, peanut butter and jam sandwhich, apples, wheat thins and a blue party napkin. I remember packing it; I remember placing it in the book bag; I even remember the weight of it as I lifted the bookbag to help my son put it on his back.

**It was misplaced in the classroom. Go figure.**

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Carbon said...

Oh noooo. Poor little guy but I'm sure seeing dad bring a lunch was a great surprise.

Those random moments sometimes are the things kids will remember fondly in their hearts forever.