26 June 2006

first nights and first fights

Oh my, I'm on borrowed internet time--we're using unsecured wireless access from somebody in the neighborhood, I guess. Since it's working at the moment, and I've read my email and checked the bank account, I thought I'd post, albeit breifly.

We are slowly but surely settling into the new house. It is so lovely, it's hard to tell you in words how much it feels like home. It "fits". Even Little B has transitioned perfectly (well, with a bit of extra rowdiness thanks to the excitement and changes in our days, but it's not nearly what I expected!). Miss C appears to be (finally) cutting some molars and she's been uncertain about the changes, so the extra clinginess has severely hampered my ability to do as much as I'd planned. That and the lack of baby sitter availability (everyone I would call is basically out of town; go figure).

We closed on Friday and came by to hang out and stake our claim, I guess. Saturday, we began moving with a few hitches, but it only equalled to delaying extra trips with the trailer (pretty major, but not the end of the world). Saturday night, we had beds here, most of the essentials, and a plan to finally spend the night in our new house. Except, the air conditioner was all screwy after having the door open all day with 94 degree weather. Ho hum. Our house was 83*, we were grungy and gross and the water heater had not been turned on (the gas, yes, the pilot light, no). It was 10:30pm and the beds were still not ready for sleep, so we scrounged up a small suitcase, as many clean clothes as were readily available, and hit the road for our local Hampton Inn (a personal favorite).

Sunday, we had no one to help us with the remaining things at the house (though today we did, so we took yesterday s l o w). Shortly before dinner, Little B and Miss C were playing and he was a bit, um, demanding. They have a play kitchen with a grill "out back" (thanks to my generous parents), and he was adamant that it was " hot". So, when Miss C tried to touch it, he grabbed her arm and held her off, to whic she screamed and hollered and finally made her point. . .by biting his thumb. Honestly, I saw it coming, but he deserved it so I let it happen. Natural consequences, what can I say? He will learn the hard way that she won't be pushed around! (Yes, we did deal appropriately with the whole thing after the fact.) He's been a little more wary of her today, I noticed--at one point, I heard him back off, verbally noting that he didn't want her to bite him! (Chuckling to myself in memory.)

So, today was spent with two trips to the "old" house and back, and truth be told, there is still a bit of stuff left to deal with. I have no one available to help with the kids to get it all done, so tomorrow morning I'll go over and do what I can while my husband is here with the little ones. I'm letting him have quality time, what can I say?? (I wonder how long I can stay gone. . .) And it has to be completely cleared and clean by Friday.

Eventually, I am assured, things will return to normal.

23 June 2006

one down, one to go

Today, we are the proud owners of not one, but two homes. Yes, two.

This afternoon we purchased the house we have had a contingency on for so long; it was the last possible day for us to do so. They had other plans if we did not buy, and we'd have been out. The Lord had taken us to the very last minute twice with that house, and still He encouraged us to persue it. When the closing was not working out on the selling of our home just yet, we found our peace came when we still continued with the purchase of the new home. Only the Lord knows why, but we were obedient, and He has given us the desire of our heart in that home. He also threw in a couple surprises with a (very slightly but very unexpected) lower payment and a refund of almost half our earnest money (not a huge amount, but it will cover a few things).

The selling of the other one is still in progress, hopefully with the same buyer, but if not, we will simply re-list and wait. If the Lord brought us to this point, He surely will arrange the details around it. I am at peace. And, we will just wait on the Lord.

Now, to finish the endless task of packing our stuff. . .

20 June 2006

s l o w progress

Well, that makes two closing dates cancelled. I have not heard when the next attempt will be, and every single party involved is frustrated. It's the sole fault of the lender involved in the purchase of our current house. No one else can be blamed, and everyone is riding them hard. They are based in New York which makes it even more fun to deal with. Trust me, they do NOT want to hear a piece of my mind, and I have half a mind to call and share it anyway!

In the meantime, my house is roughly half-packed, or maybe more. I have so much to do with two kids and a lasting migraine. . .

Please, anyone who will, pray for this to all conclude more smoothly than it has gone so far. We need it to be over, friends. Really need it.

12 June 2006

rite of passage

Oh my, oh my!
Here we are in the midst of crazy packing and a sick little girl, trying to decide how to decorate Little B's new room (Miss C's will be fine for now, ours is settled). He and I were looking at books and drawing inside a box (modeling the new bedroom—castle theme!), when he looks at me and says, “My tooth still hurts from yesterday.” Uh, I never heard anything about him hurting his tooth. It seems that when he was with his daddy getting a haircut, he tried to open a sports water bottle with his teeth (the kind that pulls straight out. I got a little worried, and checked on it. Turns out, my little boy has his first loose tooth!

04 June 2006

when it rains

it pours
it can storm
and sometimes it does a bit of both
but there is always calm after the storm

Yes, friends, we officially have an offer, signed by both parties! It is wonderful and exciting and we are thrilled beyond our imagination for several reasons. We heard, Thursday that someone wanted to buy the house, full price, and we made a verbal agreement with them. They are located in New York and a relative found this house for them—they are buying it sight unseen! Oh yeah—and they want it fast—we close June 16!! Which is perfect since our contingency was about to end on June 11. God truly was bringing us to the line on it.

On Friday, someone else called with a verbal offer, but our agent told them about the first agreement we had and said we would give them a courtesy call the day the offer arrives. In turn, she used the second offer to “light a fire” under the first offer. Indeed, Friday night, a third party gave a good bit of interest as well, but were not as far along in the financing process to try to contend with the first two.

So, at LONG LAST the original offer arrived by fax last night around 9:30. We waited all day with baited breath for that call, but with it came some mildly alarming news. Someone made a full price cash offer on the house we are trying to buy! I really hate how it feels when my blood pressure rises! Again, the Lord brought us right to the line on it, and we had to remove the contingency completely and say we would buy the house within 14 days. Thankfully, our closing date is set for 13 days from yesterday (they are back to back closings). Whew! If it all falls through, we are only out our deposit which isn’t the end of the world in the grand scheme of things. On the bright side, we think the competing suggestion of another offer encouraged our buyer to not ask for any closing costs, which our flyer said we'd help pay. However, this pulling it to the very last second makes me feel a little like Peter—being asked to walk on water until it’s all closed and done.

God is truly in the finite details. I enjoy seeing His handiwork, though it’s been a real test on my patience over the past months. And, it will come to an end before long. Sooner, not later, by all appearances, something we are so grateful for. I dreaded waiting 30 or 40 days for a closing. Less than 2 weeks is right up our alley! Right now, the biggest dilemma is how to paint my new master bedroom since the wallpaper is an atrocious peachy-brown print (*shudder*). Big decisions fast! I’m afraid if we wait to paint it will be forever before we do it and, well, I won’t enjoy my bedroom (not a good thing). The other painting in the house will be easier to tackle later if we need to wait on it.

01 June 2006

another gasp!

uh-stutter-gasp-muffled mumble

-please stay tuned-

I will be back.
(I'm afraid to speak too soon!)

*hush, Slush =D --hopefully I'll say more tomorrow! I just couldn't contain myself today and, and, well. . .this was all I could bring myself to post just yet!


. . .holding my breath. . .