23 June 2006

one down, one to go

Today, we are the proud owners of not one, but two homes. Yes, two.

This afternoon we purchased the house we have had a contingency on for so long; it was the last possible day for us to do so. They had other plans if we did not buy, and we'd have been out. The Lord had taken us to the very last minute twice with that house, and still He encouraged us to persue it. When the closing was not working out on the selling of our home just yet, we found our peace came when we still continued with the purchase of the new home. Only the Lord knows why, but we were obedient, and He has given us the desire of our heart in that home. He also threw in a couple surprises with a (very slightly but very unexpected) lower payment and a refund of almost half our earnest money (not a huge amount, but it will cover a few things).

The selling of the other one is still in progress, hopefully with the same buyer, but if not, we will simply re-list and wait. If the Lord brought us to this point, He surely will arrange the details around it. I am at peace. And, we will just wait on the Lord.

Now, to finish the endless task of packing our stuff. . .

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AfricaBleu said...

Hang in there -- you've got the right attitude, so the rest is just icing, right?