04 June 2006

when it rains

it pours
it can storm
and sometimes it does a bit of both
but there is always calm after the storm

Yes, friends, we officially have an offer, signed by both parties! It is wonderful and exciting and we are thrilled beyond our imagination for several reasons. We heard, Thursday that someone wanted to buy the house, full price, and we made a verbal agreement with them. They are located in New York and a relative found this house for them—they are buying it sight unseen! Oh yeah—and they want it fast—we close June 16!! Which is perfect since our contingency was about to end on June 11. God truly was bringing us to the line on it.

On Friday, someone else called with a verbal offer, but our agent told them about the first agreement we had and said we would give them a courtesy call the day the offer arrives. In turn, she used the second offer to “light a fire” under the first offer. Indeed, Friday night, a third party gave a good bit of interest as well, but were not as far along in the financing process to try to contend with the first two.

So, at LONG LAST the original offer arrived by fax last night around 9:30. We waited all day with baited breath for that call, but with it came some mildly alarming news. Someone made a full price cash offer on the house we are trying to buy! I really hate how it feels when my blood pressure rises! Again, the Lord brought us right to the line on it, and we had to remove the contingency completely and say we would buy the house within 14 days. Thankfully, our closing date is set for 13 days from yesterday (they are back to back closings). Whew! If it all falls through, we are only out our deposit which isn’t the end of the world in the grand scheme of things. On the bright side, we think the competing suggestion of another offer encouraged our buyer to not ask for any closing costs, which our flyer said we'd help pay. However, this pulling it to the very last second makes me feel a little like Peter—being asked to walk on water until it’s all closed and done.

God is truly in the finite details. I enjoy seeing His handiwork, though it’s been a real test on my patience over the past months. And, it will come to an end before long. Sooner, not later, by all appearances, something we are so grateful for. I dreaded waiting 30 or 40 days for a closing. Less than 2 weeks is right up our alley! Right now, the biggest dilemma is how to paint my new master bedroom since the wallpaper is an atrocious peachy-brown print (*shudder*). Big decisions fast! I’m afraid if we wait to paint it will be forever before we do it and, well, I won’t enjoy my bedroom (not a good thing). The other painting in the house will be easier to tackle later if we need to wait on it.


SlushTurtle said...

Hooray! Congrats to you! And it's awesome you are closing so soon. I hate the wait between contract and closing- I'm ready to get a move on!

God is just awesome. I love how He displays Himself to us when we really, really need to see His work!

Happy packing! (which is what I should be doing right now...)

momrn2 said...

Praising God! You've made it through all the showings! Now it's time to pack, which is what I am going to be working on the next 2 weeks as well!! Yee Haa for you!!