16 January 2012

a smattering of things

A somewhat "normal" balance and rhythm are starting to fall into place for us.  I've been exercising to let go and let some of our school days be less rather than more - yes, we still need the "more" to an extent, but right now I'm feeling that there is a season for everything, and this is a season for "less."  Perhaps in the new year we will find the energy to tackle "more" again.  Each week can look vastly different in our little world.

I did pursue the coaching with 7sisters and it has gone very well.  I am encouraged, guided, prayed for, and given opportunities to ask, consider and decide.  I can say that I highly recommend this experience for anyone who is adjusting things in their homeschool or related situation.  Among many other things, I have learned that my "ideal" shows my heart, and my "good enough" is truly good enough.  I don't have to get everything crammed into every day.

And the light for Little B - it never ceases to amaze me how content my son has become.  The "issues" we get are so very small compared to any other time in his life that I am blown away.  God answered my desperate pleas with grandeur and I feel immense relief and unceasing thanks and praise....(that said, I need to write some sentences 100 times as punishment: "I will never deliberately let Little B have dairy again in my lifetime."  Suffice it to say that was a one-day experiment gone badly astray and lasted way more than one day.  Keeping him dairy free makes for a much happier family life in every way!)

I still feel a deep and overwhelming sense of thankfulness every time we pull onto our street, and it deepens as I park on the driveway and come into my home.  I do not take for granted the cozy warm feeling and the space to spread out and school in any corner or read on a real couch, run in a massive back yard.  These things foster hope and peace in my soul.

In the past couple of weeks, since Bitsy turned one, Baby J and I have both had birthdays.  Nothing like feeling a little older and moving onward.  I'm beginning to sense that I will survive this thing called life and tackling it head on is a sure fire way to succeed.  The years I've piddled on this little blog have certainly documented some interesting seasons of my life.  It has me thinking and pondering some things.  I'm not even sure if I have words to share those thoughts, but perhaps they will gel a bit more in the months to come.

Now I must tend a bit of laziness in someone's lessons for the day. . .