30 April 2008

15,000-plus words

They say a pictures is worth a thousand words, so we'll just say this is my largest post ever: 15,000 words plus additional commentary! And now, by popular demand, pictures of the little people in my life:

We had joint a Build-A-Bear birthday for Miss C and Little B; here you see them "waking up" their animal of choice as well as the (undressed but otherwise) finished product.

Dressing up for Dr. Suess' birthday; can you tell?

Oh, the havoc that happens when a seven year old plays doctor with a three year old who has a new "boo boo" every few seconds...haha! And they were on her arms and legs and belly as well. Getting them OFF was not nearly as fun as being doctored, I assure you!

3/4 of my heart. . . need I say more?

I seem to have issues with red-eye, even with the red-eye reduction turned on. Argh!
Bright eyed and bushy tailed in spite of it, though!

Some new artwork for my kitchen in progress. It's hanging up now and I LOVE it.

My little dude.

He's so happy so often!

His favorite "pose", especially on the changing table. Fingers in mouth, hand to hair.
Okay, so this is almost a month old already! I will try to put up a good one really soon, I promise! He's growing WAY too fast...

My kiddos with their "Furreal" birds...Little B used allowance to get his longed-for Macaw at half price!! Miss C had to settle for a baby bird and both have been very happy. Cuties, no? (The kids, not the birds.)

I couldn't resist adding this...it's out my back window during my MOST favorite week of the year. Miss C thought it was snowing. If you look at the picture on my blog header, it's this tree last year. Yup. I take some every spring!

That's all folks...for now.

14 April 2008

(virtual roll call:) "here!"

So I’ve had about 2,574 things to post about in the last . . . long . . . while. And I even tried to do a “bulletins” post just to put the thoughts and experiences out there and to avoid being a cyber recluse, but, well, I didn’t get it done. Somehow life seems a tad bit busier. Can’t imagine why: I spend up to 30 minutes after each nursing holding Baby J upright thanks to his reflux (yeah, even in the middle of the night or it’s not pretty). That’s a lot of hours. Not to count the diapers, the playing, the regular meals, the never ending laundry, and the dishes I loathe. You know what I’m talking about. As carbon said, I'm stuck in the real world these days.

In all my silent weeks my little boy turned seven. I am not sure when he grew up so much! He is gradually dropping that little boy look and becoming a big kid and we laugh together over the fact he’s still my “baby boy”. We bought him roller skates for his birthday and I swear he’ll wear out my floors this year. But, it’s worth it and they’re good for him and he does use the back patio sometimes as well. Our driveway is only flat at the top, then it drops off considerably, so I’m not ready for him to try that just yet. Maybe soon, when I park a car at the crest of the hill like we do for other play.

Miss C gets chattier every day. For a baby girl who started life in the 99th percentile for weight, I cracked up when she was barely in the 30th percentile last week—and 2 pounds of that was very recent! (And she was only 20th for height.) Growth spurts abound this time of year, around and after their birthdays, and I’m always a bit in awe of the changes that brings about.

I’m still here. Still kicking and once in a while I bite. I mean uh never mind. Ahem. I can’t even begin to remember the myriad of things I wanted to post about over the past weeks, but for now, know I’m here. Thanks to those of you checking in on me. I do post often—in my head. It just rarely makes it to the computer these days. I’ll try to do better, really!

Now to find time to return a few emails today. . .hhhmmmm…