01 August 2011

two in one

I have two stories to tell. But really they are just one story...

Story #1
Back in February I took Little B to a birthday party for one of his best buddies. There were a handful of boys at the party and as we dropped our kids off, some of the moms were chatting in the (freezing cold) cul-de-sac while the kids ran and played. I met two or three women, but one stood out to me - probably because she has a peanut allergy and allergies are notable to me for some odd reason. She was very friendly and I've heard that her son is a nice kid (albeit a tad older) - that means my son didn't have any struggles with him even though they weren't instant soul-mates.

Story #2
In Mayish - or early June perhaps - I was at the grocery store alone (well, Bitsy was with me, so almost alone) while my husband put the other kids to bed. Not entirely uncommon for me, I began chatting with a lady who was shopping in the natural foods aisle - she noted my coconut milk which led to another one of those allergy conversations that seem to follow me around (ironically, this post is actually not about allergies). They were chatty and I'm chatty and so, well, we chatted for a bit.

2 Stories in 1
A little over a week ago I was having a Girl's Night Out with the mom whose son had the party in Story #1. I started to tell her the details of the house we're moving to next month (cause I'm very happily consumed with it right now) and how the landlord told us there is a homeschooling family across the street with three boys. I tried to describe where the neighborhood is located and she told me she has a friend on that street...with three boys...who homeschool. . .yeah, the peanut allergy lady I mentioned above! Believers, homeschoolers, boys, friendly. Wow! I don't need to them be our best friends, I just need nice neighbors, you know? I thought it was so cool. And by telling Little B that he'd actually met one of the kids before, his anxiety about what they were like and meeting them instantly melted away.

Then, this past weekend I sold and shopped at a consignment sale in my small town and ran into the grocery store acquaintance from Story #2. I mentioned that I remembered meeting her and where, and she said she'd been trying to figure out why she thought she knew me - one of those conversation starters. As we talked for a few minutes and a total God-thing happened. . .it turns out she will be my next-door neighbor in a few weeks. A believer, a kind neighbor. . .again - wow.

I am blown away. How long does it often take to get to know your neighbors? And how completely unreal to meet them randomly before you move in? Two of them, at that.

When we found this house, the timing was impeccable. We had not considered moving until a few days prior. The owner thought it had already been listed by his wife or it would have been gone in a heartbeat. Before we saw it, we felt we would move there. When we did see it, we just knew God had it set aside. I have since told my husband that I almost feel our stay in this tiny house has simply been a waiting period for the next one to be available for us. The street is pleasant, quiet and friendly. Only the Lord could possible arrange things like this. It feels like home to us and we cannot wait to move in. Did I mention I can't wait?!