31 December 2008

doing a little - no, HUGE - happy dance

John just got notice that he PASSED his P.E. exam (Professional Engineer) -- the one he studied for months for, took long weekend classes for and spent 8 hours in another town (that's 3 hours away) testing for.

This, my friends, means that our new year starts with a Professional Engineer versus an Engineer in Training. The road has been long and at times wearying, but we are one ecstatic family! I do believe we need to find a way to celebrate tonight. THIS is worthy of a good night out!

16 December 2008

it's been "one of those" for a while. . .

*Checking everything I eat.

*Dealing with a teething baby (which makes it hard to know if he's waking up b/c of food or teeth...!).

*Battling the first real round of colds (like Dominoes, one gets sick, then another, then another, then. . .).

*Trying to boil water in my kettle, but instead scorching my small Teflon pan (which is toxic on high heat, of course) and the spatula carefully angled above it - the fumes were bad all day and we had to get out of the house while it aired; it was almost freezing outside, but our windows were all open! I planned to take a picture of the victims, but haven't had the chance. I need to stop waiting for pictures for my blog posting!

*Planning to possibly have my parents move in for a while - we're all praying for some significant things to happen so they won't have to, but at least we like each other (for now, right?).

*Running down the battery in my van right before I had to leave to get Little B from school.

*The endless cycle of dishes to wash and put away and clothes to wash and put away.

*Trying so hard to crank out of few crocheted gifts (in lieu of taking care of dishes or clothes, of course).

*Feeling ultra thankful that Little B has had a better-than-average season so far!! Not exactly a breeze, but definitely not the battle it is most years.

*Did I even tell anyone I got a haircut just before Thanksgiving?? I did. I haven't got a picture of that, either. But hopefully soon - it's a cute bob that's stacked in the back and I usually just wear it "as is" and let it flip all over the place, casual-like. I'm in love with it!

*Kicking myself for not yet posting the amazing, wonderful family pictures my brother arranged for his boss to take of our family (my brother took some of them, too...and I promise to put a few up here...I even wrote half that post already!)

*Fighting my laptop for workability - the Internet likes to cut out in the middle of making a comment or writing an email, and the computer itself freezes up on a very regular basis right now. Fun. We've had it right at a year, so the warranty is no doubt expired. I bet the problems began the day AFTER the warranty was up.

*I could go on. But I need to go buy dairy-free "just add water" pancake mix for my son's class. I'd rather take a nap, but I don't know how to accomplish that these days.

(My list was longer than I expected! Wow...I've been a busy lady!)