18 April 2006

curious george

We have our very own Curious George in the house, aka--Miss C. Not only does she wear his expressions, love on him as her most favorite toy, and mimic his movements, Little Miss C climbs as my son never has, attempts to eat any lollipops she runs across, wears mischief on her face like ball point pen, insistently wants to investigate my purse and among other things, is probably responsible for the missing TV remote--I'm wagering a guess at last week's trash being it's final destination. Earlier today, the comode seat and lid came down a bit harder on her wrist than she intended, and mommy found her when the cries began. Nothing like getting caught, right?

A few hours later Little B went up to the bathroom and he starts hollering down at me about something--I usually make him come down to speak, so I was tuning him out. However, as I neared the steps to get something from the pantry, his words became more clear. "Mommy! Miss C put the baby wipes container in the potty!!" No wonder the lid of the comode came down so hard on her this time--she really had it open a good bit to fit that through. Little stinker.