04 June 2009

don't let the bed bugs bite

We don't use our master bathroom shower. Mostly, this is because it's too stinkin' far from the water heater and it's rare we can get enough hot water to call it a real shower. I like to be red from the heat - that shower has never provided what I need. The hall bath, on the other hand, comes much closer and if we've run a hot load of laundry or the dishwasher recently, I may be lucky enough to get red skinned by the end.

But that's not the point of my post. I tell you about the shower because we have failed to run water in it for a while. That means the p-trap has no water to prevent bugs from coming in (or odors, but then we haven't noticed a problem with either of these things until a few days ago). This week, we suddenly noticed several centipedes in the late evening. Not a pretty creature at 11pm to say the least.

And when you have left your pj pants on the bathroom floor (as in, next to the tub, not in the room with the potty) for a measly five minutes or so, and you then crawl into bed only to find a centipede IN your pajama pants BITING your butt (well, close to your butt, not on it), and it's too dark to see what in tarnation you've grabbed - it's really not a good thing, my friends. You will not go to sleep right away after such an event, either.

Run the water. Daily.
And don't let the bed bugs bite. It doesn't feel good. I know first hand.
I'm also wigged out by the creatures, quite thoroughly.