25 September 2005


I decided to strut my new pants today and tried on first the jeans. Huh. I'd forgotten this new thing called "stretchy" in jeans. Whatever. I kept pulling them up. On to the cords. Perfect. Stretchy, too, but not quite so much. THEY still felt incredible. The jeans, however, were bordering on annoying. So, I went back to exchange them for size 8. Hee hee. I daren't exchange the cords, but the smaller jeans fit like the larger cords, so I can pretend I wear a smaller size some days (must be the reason for stretch?). Either way, I noticed that it didn't take me a dozen pair of jeans over 2 weeks to find some that fit. Interesting. Maybe I have more to hold them up??? hahaha!

24 September 2005

new jeans

It has been a long, long time since I had a great fitting pair of jeans. In fact, the last pair that was like heaven was probably two sizes and 6+ years ago. I mean it--I cannot recall when. I do remember that they were Gap jeans I hated to part with (each time they wore out and I replaced them, I had the same struggle!) and they were size 6. Super long the way I love them; dragging on the floor, truth be told, til the cuffs were ragged and nasty. But, OH so comfy and broken in just right.

Well, over the years I've added the weight that doesn't drop right away from not one but two pregnancies. Yeah, pregnancy weight on top of pregnancy weight. I will insert here that my sugar-free tactics have improved the way my clothes fit (not an entire size, though, sad to say), and I have gotten in to pre-Miss C jeans again (not a perfect fit, but I can still breathe when they're zipped and snapped!). However, my ONE pair that was working managed to be so old (bought 'em used years ago) that they ripped above the knee when I leaned down a couple weeks ago. Nothing like old-fashioned a/c in the fall and winter, eh?

So, it was decided that I could definitely justify buying some jeans. (My now size ten body feels a wee bit remorseful over the fact that I daren't yet try the eights, however.) So, at the end of the evening (post bill-paying and figuring the current budget), we headed out to drop off vacation pictures for developing and make a FAST stop at the Gap. As long as it's been since I owned such great jeans, it's been equally longer since I paid much for jeans! Ouch. I'd forgotten how painful their pricetags could be. However, I was tired of so-so fitting jeans and my husband was determined that I'd have good ones this year.

I first had to figure out their styles and cuts and such as that. Yikes. So many options. Once that was deciphered I had to wade through the variety of striped-looking denim. What is UP with that? Sorry, but most of that material is not what I call blue-jeans. I want the regular kind, thank you very much.

I grabbed a pair of sale cords to try first, since the denim was temporarily causing insanity. They fit great. Wow. Felt incredible. My body thanked me instantly. My husband was pleased. So, on to the jeans. I finally found what I really wanted. Not on sale. Of course not! But, they fit. (Fifty dollars of fit.) Not to tight in any one place, still a ten, cut for my body, sturdy and no stinkin' stripes. (I sacrificed my love of "long" and settled for "regular" which are technically long enough.)

We bought both. I came home to get our kids ready for bed, but had to do so after putting on the new jeans. Oh yeah. They feel so good. Heaven on my body once more.

Sigh of bliss.

08 September 2005

here's to kayla

Little B started school this week, and in those four half-days, I was all set to beat my massive list of to-do's into submission. But, alas, life often gets in the way.

The night after the funeral, we were home and settled in. I had my pj's on, teeth brushed, and both kids asleep. I made a short-lived attempt to get online. But, the phone rang. It was a sweet, call, though--I was wanted in a labor and delivery room. . .some 20 minutes away (a longer drive during the day). Throwing on my clothes in a mad rush, I wondered what to do with my night-nursing daughter. After a moment's discussion with my husband (who had some work to finish before bed, then needed to be up and going at a decent hour), we called my mom to come to the rescue. Bless her, she handled the wake- up call of a nursing baby who refused a bottle like a champ. My husband was still up, but was able to go on to sleep before Miss C had any willingness.

I spent about four hours at the hospital with Jan, my sister-like cousin-in-law. She was a week overdue and anxious to get that little girl out. :D It felt good to help and to allay a few fears with a couple minor crisis situations. Jan had an internal moniter as the baby's heart rate had dropped some -- they discovered there was meconium in the bag of waters. I was willing to see it through, but realistically needed to be home and functional to take my little boy to school yesterday morning. So, I left around 2:30am.

Her phone call just after 7am announced the arrival of Kayla, 19 inches, 7 lbs 2 oz. (After my 11 pounder, she's a "featherweight" in my book.) Before I could make it back to the hospital that morning, yet another crisis had arision. Kayla has fluid and/or meconium in one lung, so she's spending her first several days of life in NICU. I was honored to be one of the four people on her 'guest list' to see and hold Kayla. What a precious baby!

Kayla has done remarkably well, is not in a life-threatening situation, and will hopefully be heading home by Sunday. Jan is a champ. Tired, strong, and experiencing motherhood's first taste with some extras--visits down the hall to see, change and feed her sweet girl. Mark (daddy) is simply ready for his baby to go home and be in his arms.

Me? Tired. Walked around like a zombie today (we were out running errands last night since I'd been at the hospital for so long on a mere three hours of sleep). My list? Beating me into submission.

06 September 2005

melting pot of days

The Homefront
Well, my little boy is off to Pre-K this morning! Wow. He's growing up so incredibly fast (He literally grew almost TWO inches this summer). Daddy was here to be a part of the big day, helping get Little B ready, making his breakfast, and driving him (Miss C and I rode along). We decided to try to make it a tradition--having Daddy here on the first day--it was kind of special! I suppose it had not occurred to me that a 4 year old would have a bundle of nerves on the first day, but that was definitely the case. He had a hard time sleeping, wasn't as hungry for his breakfast and couldn't sit still to save his life (even AFTER going potty. . .). But, he was thrilled at the same time. He'll be learning Spanish once a week. We talked about that and he was super excited...he was hoping that would start today! What a cutie pie.

After a long weekend with my husband home, my stress levels are dropping and now that Little B will be in school 4 days a week, it will give me more 'down time'--at least whenever Miss C naps. haha!

Our weekend did have a low spot, however. My husband's great-grandmother, "Nanny", died Sunday afternoon. She would have been 98 next month. While we weren't super close to her, she was a wonderful lady and we loved her. She reminded me of my maternal grandmother (who was a year younger, but died a couple years ago). Nanny was adorable and precious. Indeed a proper southern lady in every sense of the word.

Last night was the viewing/visitation and today is the funeral--thus the real reason my husband is home this morning. It is sad for us, but not a hard grieving like when we've lost grandparents in the past. We'd been expecting Nanny to go for some time now. The last time we saw her was at a cousin's wedding a couple months ago. She was a sweet and beautiful as ever. Thankfully, someone took her picture with Miss C--the fifth and last great-great-grandchild Nanny saw (there are two more on the way).

We love you, Nanny. You will be missed.

02 September 2005


I am struggling so much right now.
I feel burned-out, overwhelmed, stressed, depressed and the list goes on. I am yelling with my frustration in ways I hate; I want to 'retire'--but, I'm a stay at home mom. Breaks rarely occur for me. I want and crave time alone. My poor husband actually has come home from work early once this week, and may do so again today, since I am struggling so badly with this.

We have been making plans for an upcoming vacation, but I hardly want to go anymore. Moms DO NOT get a vacation. My husband won't be at work, my kids will get to have a break from the norm....but me? I'll still change diapers, wake up at night, discipline and fix boo-boos. I'll still contend with Little B eating enough of his meal to earn a dessert, and breastfeed my daughter. I'll still be a 24 hour stay-with-kids mom...just not at home for a week. I swear, I wish I could send the three of them on vacation and take a week ALONE (or better yet, go on the vacation alone...). In my dreams. (And, I know I'd miss them.)

Don't get me wrong, I have good kids. I am just tired of deaf ears and strong wills. Both of which I used to be champions at. And still keep on reserve. I need to send my mom flowers, probably.

All this to say it's been a bad, bad week. I wish I was eating sugar. I deserve a nice, big chocolate dessert. Hmpht.