06 September 2005

melting pot of days

The Homefront
Well, my little boy is off to Pre-K this morning! Wow. He's growing up so incredibly fast (He literally grew almost TWO inches this summer). Daddy was here to be a part of the big day, helping get Little B ready, making his breakfast, and driving him (Miss C and I rode along). We decided to try to make it a tradition--having Daddy here on the first day--it was kind of special! I suppose it had not occurred to me that a 4 year old would have a bundle of nerves on the first day, but that was definitely the case. He had a hard time sleeping, wasn't as hungry for his breakfast and couldn't sit still to save his life (even AFTER going potty. . .). But, he was thrilled at the same time. He'll be learning Spanish once a week. We talked about that and he was super excited...he was hoping that would start today! What a cutie pie.

After a long weekend with my husband home, my stress levels are dropping and now that Little B will be in school 4 days a week, it will give me more 'down time'--at least whenever Miss C naps. haha!

Our weekend did have a low spot, however. My husband's great-grandmother, "Nanny", died Sunday afternoon. She would have been 98 next month. While we weren't super close to her, she was a wonderful lady and we loved her. She reminded me of my maternal grandmother (who was a year younger, but died a couple years ago). Nanny was adorable and precious. Indeed a proper southern lady in every sense of the word.

Last night was the viewing/visitation and today is the funeral--thus the real reason my husband is home this morning. It is sad for us, but not a hard grieving like when we've lost grandparents in the past. We'd been expecting Nanny to go for some time now. The last time we saw her was at a cousin's wedding a couple months ago. She was a sweet and beautiful as ever. Thankfully, someone took her picture with Miss C--the fifth and last great-great-grandchild Nanny saw (there are two more on the way).

We love you, Nanny. You will be missed.


jocey520 said...

Sorry to hear about nanny, I wish you all the best,

And I cannot believe they are going to do spanish in pre k...out of control. Did Bryan go to preschool or is this his first year?

AfricaBleu said...

My condolences to your family.