08 September 2005

here's to kayla

Little B started school this week, and in those four half-days, I was all set to beat my massive list of to-do's into submission. But, alas, life often gets in the way.

The night after the funeral, we were home and settled in. I had my pj's on, teeth brushed, and both kids asleep. I made a short-lived attempt to get online. But, the phone rang. It was a sweet, call, though--I was wanted in a labor and delivery room. . .some 20 minutes away (a longer drive during the day). Throwing on my clothes in a mad rush, I wondered what to do with my night-nursing daughter. After a moment's discussion with my husband (who had some work to finish before bed, then needed to be up and going at a decent hour), we called my mom to come to the rescue. Bless her, she handled the wake- up call of a nursing baby who refused a bottle like a champ. My husband was still up, but was able to go on to sleep before Miss C had any willingness.

I spent about four hours at the hospital with Jan, my sister-like cousin-in-law. She was a week overdue and anxious to get that little girl out. :D It felt good to help and to allay a few fears with a couple minor crisis situations. Jan had an internal moniter as the baby's heart rate had dropped some -- they discovered there was meconium in the bag of waters. I was willing to see it through, but realistically needed to be home and functional to take my little boy to school yesterday morning. So, I left around 2:30am.

Her phone call just after 7am announced the arrival of Kayla, 19 inches, 7 lbs 2 oz. (After my 11 pounder, she's a "featherweight" in my book.) Before I could make it back to the hospital that morning, yet another crisis had arision. Kayla has fluid and/or meconium in one lung, so she's spending her first several days of life in NICU. I was honored to be one of the four people on her 'guest list' to see and hold Kayla. What a precious baby!

Kayla has done remarkably well, is not in a life-threatening situation, and will hopefully be heading home by Sunday. Jan is a champ. Tired, strong, and experiencing motherhood's first taste with some extras--visits down the hall to see, change and feed her sweet girl. Mark (daddy) is simply ready for his baby to go home and be in his arms.

Me? Tired. Walked around like a zombie today (we were out running errands last night since I'd been at the hospital for so long on a mere three hours of sleep). My list? Beating me into submission.


AfricaBleu said...

List-schmist. Years from now, you'll remember that crazy night when your second-like-a-ister-cousin-in-law entered the world - but you won't remember if your house was clean or not.

I'm glad all is well - congrats to you all.

Amie said...

I haven't visited in awhile so this comment will be about several entrys...

First, how cool that your daughter is healed! Praise God!

And it was nice to read the experience about your son's hearing exam because ironically, our 4 year old is scheduled for one next week. I'm not too worried, but I have noticed some things such as he always has to turn the volume up and he doesn't seem to hear me yelling when he is riding his bike ahead of me even though his brother does.

Congrats on the new baby in the family, how cool that you got to share that experience.