24 September 2005

new jeans

It has been a long, long time since I had a great fitting pair of jeans. In fact, the last pair that was like heaven was probably two sizes and 6+ years ago. I mean it--I cannot recall when. I do remember that they were Gap jeans I hated to part with (each time they wore out and I replaced them, I had the same struggle!) and they were size 6. Super long the way I love them; dragging on the floor, truth be told, til the cuffs were ragged and nasty. But, OH so comfy and broken in just right.

Well, over the years I've added the weight that doesn't drop right away from not one but two pregnancies. Yeah, pregnancy weight on top of pregnancy weight. I will insert here that my sugar-free tactics have improved the way my clothes fit (not an entire size, though, sad to say), and I have gotten in to pre-Miss C jeans again (not a perfect fit, but I can still breathe when they're zipped and snapped!). However, my ONE pair that was working managed to be so old (bought 'em used years ago) that they ripped above the knee when I leaned down a couple weeks ago. Nothing like old-fashioned a/c in the fall and winter, eh?

So, it was decided that I could definitely justify buying some jeans. (My now size ten body feels a wee bit remorseful over the fact that I daren't yet try the eights, however.) So, at the end of the evening (post bill-paying and figuring the current budget), we headed out to drop off vacation pictures for developing and make a FAST stop at the Gap. As long as it's been since I owned such great jeans, it's been equally longer since I paid much for jeans! Ouch. I'd forgotten how painful their pricetags could be. However, I was tired of so-so fitting jeans and my husband was determined that I'd have good ones this year.

I first had to figure out their styles and cuts and such as that. Yikes. So many options. Once that was deciphered I had to wade through the variety of striped-looking denim. What is UP with that? Sorry, but most of that material is not what I call blue-jeans. I want the regular kind, thank you very much.

I grabbed a pair of sale cords to try first, since the denim was temporarily causing insanity. They fit great. Wow. Felt incredible. My body thanked me instantly. My husband was pleased. So, on to the jeans. I finally found what I really wanted. Not on sale. Of course not! But, they fit. (Fifty dollars of fit.) Not to tight in any one place, still a ten, cut for my body, sturdy and no stinkin' stripes. (I sacrificed my love of "long" and settled for "regular" which are technically long enough.)

We bought both. I came home to get our kids ready for bed, but had to do so after putting on the new jeans. Oh yeah. They feel so good. Heaven on my body once more.

Sigh of bliss.


SlushTurtle said...

Good fitting jeans are an elusive thing. I find that even though I have more fat post- baby, jeans in general fit me far better than they did before I had a child. I must have more womanly curves now. =)

I'm hooked on Banana Republic jeans myself, but I can only afford to buy them on sale or at an outlet mall!

cjoy said...

I've had that womanly curve theory, too! :) And I just might need to try out Banana Republic if I find some on sale.

Carbon said...

I can't wait until I can wear normal clothes again. It feels like so long ago with me and my second pregnancy.

I find that every jean I buy is always too loose at the waist (gotta accommodate the bigger booty, ya know). So, I'm still on the lookoutfor good fitting jeans.

AfricaBleu said...

50 bucks is a small price to pay for a pair of good-fitting, good looking jeans.

And you can quote me.

Heidi said...

And, surprisingly, the lower cuts that are out now help to tuck in my baby bread basket! For once fashion worked FOR me!

bekah said...

which ones did you buy? Straight, curvy, original? Bootcut, slim fit, low waist? There are TOO many options. I'm glad you found the ones that had your name on them. :)

cjoy said...

I got the original boot cut with 'regular' looking denim. I've officially concluded that the cords are even better, though! Next jeans purchase, I think I'll try on the low cut (Heidi, you're the second one to say that!).