16 December 2008

it's been "one of those" for a while. . .

*Checking everything I eat.

*Dealing with a teething baby (which makes it hard to know if he's waking up b/c of food or teeth...!).

*Battling the first real round of colds (like Dominoes, one gets sick, then another, then another, then. . .).

*Trying to boil water in my kettle, but instead scorching my small Teflon pan (which is toxic on high heat, of course) and the spatula carefully angled above it - the fumes were bad all day and we had to get out of the house while it aired; it was almost freezing outside, but our windows were all open! I planned to take a picture of the victims, but haven't had the chance. I need to stop waiting for pictures for my blog posting!

*Planning to possibly have my parents move in for a while - we're all praying for some significant things to happen so they won't have to, but at least we like each other (for now, right?).

*Running down the battery in my van right before I had to leave to get Little B from school.

*The endless cycle of dishes to wash and put away and clothes to wash and put away.

*Trying so hard to crank out of few crocheted gifts (in lieu of taking care of dishes or clothes, of course).

*Feeling ultra thankful that Little B has had a better-than-average season so far!! Not exactly a breeze, but definitely not the battle it is most years.

*Did I even tell anyone I got a haircut just before Thanksgiving?? I did. I haven't got a picture of that, either. But hopefully soon - it's a cute bob that's stacked in the back and I usually just wear it "as is" and let it flip all over the place, casual-like. I'm in love with it!

*Kicking myself for not yet posting the amazing, wonderful family pictures my brother arranged for his boss to take of our family (my brother took some of them, too...and I promise to put a few up here...I even wrote half that post already!)

*Fighting my laptop for workability - the Internet likes to cut out in the middle of making a comment or writing an email, and the computer itself freezes up on a very regular basis right now. Fun. We've had it right at a year, so the warranty is no doubt expired. I bet the problems began the day AFTER the warranty was up.

*I could go on. But I need to go buy dairy-free "just add water" pancake mix for my son's class. I'd rather take a nap, but I don't know how to accomplish that these days.

(My list was longer than I expected! Wow...I've been a busy lady!)


Donnetta (momrn2) said...

WOW! You have had a lot going on. Makes me tired just reading about it. :-)

Take care of yourself friend!

blue hose said...

This time next week, I'll be home and maybe you can escape for a few minutes... looking forward to it!

sammon said...

So glad you posted!
Have you tried spybot with your computer. Our computer starts slowing down and freezing when we haven't run it for a while. All those internet places put a little bug on your computer to spy where you go. Spybot finds them and removes the bug. (Spybots free BTW).

Poor busy girl. I hate it when life is so busy that you can't even sit and rest! Hopefully things will get better with Winter Break

Our Love Story said...

Glad to "see" you here again! Sound a bit busy (what an understatement!) Hang in there and Merry Christmas!