20 June 2006

s l o w progress

Well, that makes two closing dates cancelled. I have not heard when the next attempt will be, and every single party involved is frustrated. It's the sole fault of the lender involved in the purchase of our current house. No one else can be blamed, and everyone is riding them hard. They are based in New York which makes it even more fun to deal with. Trust me, they do NOT want to hear a piece of my mind, and I have half a mind to call and share it anyway!

In the meantime, my house is roughly half-packed, or maybe more. I have so much to do with two kids and a lasting migraine. . .

Please, anyone who will, pray for this to all conclude more smoothly than it has gone so far. We need it to be over, friends. Really need it.


kim said...

Hey i will totally be praying for it to be a quick and fast process. I know that God put it all together and He will see it through to the finish! I'm believing with you.

Peace & blessings<><

SlushTurtle said...

I'm so sorry! I know how hard it is to be in limbo! And I know how hard it is to have the house packed up! I packed up most of our kitchen yesterday, so now my husband has to take us out to eat for the rest of the week. I thought that was a rather genuis plan on my part!=)

Praying it closes and soon!!!

Carbon said...

I totally understand. These things sometimes take their time. We're having a long going issues with selling our business which is 100x worse than selling a house. Trust me.

I wish it closes soon for you and your family.