26 June 2006

first nights and first fights

Oh my, I'm on borrowed internet time--we're using unsecured wireless access from somebody in the neighborhood, I guess. Since it's working at the moment, and I've read my email and checked the bank account, I thought I'd post, albeit breifly.

We are slowly but surely settling into the new house. It is so lovely, it's hard to tell you in words how much it feels like home. It "fits". Even Little B has transitioned perfectly (well, with a bit of extra rowdiness thanks to the excitement and changes in our days, but it's not nearly what I expected!). Miss C appears to be (finally) cutting some molars and she's been uncertain about the changes, so the extra clinginess has severely hampered my ability to do as much as I'd planned. That and the lack of baby sitter availability (everyone I would call is basically out of town; go figure).

We closed on Friday and came by to hang out and stake our claim, I guess. Saturday, we began moving with a few hitches, but it only equalled to delaying extra trips with the trailer (pretty major, but not the end of the world). Saturday night, we had beds here, most of the essentials, and a plan to finally spend the night in our new house. Except, the air conditioner was all screwy after having the door open all day with 94 degree weather. Ho hum. Our house was 83*, we were grungy and gross and the water heater had not been turned on (the gas, yes, the pilot light, no). It was 10:30pm and the beds were still not ready for sleep, so we scrounged up a small suitcase, as many clean clothes as were readily available, and hit the road for our local Hampton Inn (a personal favorite).

Sunday, we had no one to help us with the remaining things at the house (though today we did, so we took yesterday s l o w). Shortly before dinner, Little B and Miss C were playing and he was a bit, um, demanding. They have a play kitchen with a grill "out back" (thanks to my generous parents), and he was adamant that it was " hot". So, when Miss C tried to touch it, he grabbed her arm and held her off, to whic she screamed and hollered and finally made her point. . .by biting his thumb. Honestly, I saw it coming, but he deserved it so I let it happen. Natural consequences, what can I say? He will learn the hard way that she won't be pushed around! (Yes, we did deal appropriately with the whole thing after the fact.) He's been a little more wary of her today, I noticed--at one point, I heard him back off, verbally noting that he didn't want her to bite him! (Chuckling to myself in memory.)

So, today was spent with two trips to the "old" house and back, and truth be told, there is still a bit of stuff left to deal with. I have no one available to help with the kids to get it all done, so tomorrow morning I'll go over and do what I can while my husband is here with the little ones. I'm letting him have quality time, what can I say?? (I wonder how long I can stay gone. . .) And it has to be completely cleared and clean by Friday.

Eventually, I am assured, things will return to normal.


momrn2 said...

OH, I so wish I lived closer! I would take those kids in a heartbeat, I would help pack and unpack, and even help move! Sorry to hear you're having to do so much of it on your own!! If I could change that I so would!! Hang in there friend!

SlushTurtle said...

Unpacking with kids around is soooo hard! Poor Hatchling- I've kept him gated up in his new room for far too much time, but the new hasn't worn off yet, so he doesn't seem to mind.

I'm using the neighbor's internet too! =)

Amie said...

we have been here over a month, and still have stuff to unpack!

Carbon said...

Glad to read you are feeling at home :)

kim said...

i know you are super duper busy but i just wanted to make sure you got my email? Found it in your profile like you said....you don't have to answer me anytime soon but i just wondered if i sent it to the right address! Hope i did....otherwise someone else got a crazy email about some girl needing "how-do-you-increase-your-milk-supply?" advice! LOL

Hope moving/selling/unpacking is going well!!!