10 July 2006

water and toes and such things

I love my new house. Love. It. As in, we want to stay here for the next 20 or so years. At least. It is essentially the house of our dreams and I could not ask for more. Well, except better water pressure maybe. But even the easily clogged toilet is something I am learning my way around--apparently it's a "common problem" in this town. Huh. That's just wrong, my friends. I did solve the issue with the shower being too cold (unlike my friend Slush who has "instant hot water"--harumph!) , too little pressure, and too little water coming out--a new shower head that beat any I've ever had. I guess the old one had a water-saver, but no thanks, give me a good shower, please. My first two showers left me chilled on half my body (the stream of water was that narrow--and I'm not big by anyone's standards!), but now, I can shower in comfort.

Our days are spent unpacking and trying to decide on homes for various things--I have so many cabinets now that I even unpacked my grandmother's china (I'm not a china cabinet kinda girl, so it's just on a top shelf and I'll use it sometimes, too). Of course, I have no pantry now, so some cabinets are delegated for that type use, as well. Our kids love this place as much as we do, and it's so QUIET--we're in a tiny neighborhood of two streets, close to a cul-de-sac, and we never, ever hear traffic. We heard every car going down the old street--and we were at the front of a deep subdivision with only one entrance. This is like a taste of heaven to me.

We're also in the process of gathering the many papers needed to register Little B for kindergarten--am I really ready for this?? I cannot believe my little boy is reaching this threshold in life. Amazing. as for locating things like a birth certificate in the myriad of boxes still to unpack. . .well, we're just going to get a new one, what can I say? Sheesh.

We are still "borrowing" the 'net for the next couple days, so it's been terribly iffy--it works some days, but not others, and often is selective throughout the day as to whether it's available, too. Oh well, life could be worse, but I'm looking forward to consistency again!

In the meantime, I'm pampering a broken toe. The pinky toe, no less. I managed to be fully responsible for leaving a toy partly sticking out of the play room in the center of the hall way between all the bedrooms, and I smashed my toe into it while going to get Miss C at 4am Saturday morning. I kept thinking it'd be okay in a minute, and once I got settled into my bed again, I gently probed it. My friends, the pain that seared through that tiny toe shocked me! My dear husband brought me ice which honestly didn't help it at all. It took some time to go back to sleep, and when I got up in the morning, it throbbed. I called my friend who works for a podiatrist and explained that lifting the foot hurt so bad I was dragging it in the shower and could barely stand to move it around. Let me tell you, tape and motrin have been my best friends for days now. (Speaking of motrin. . .I think I need to find some in a minute.) I also got a little lecture on getting an x-ray if it stayed that painful (it didn't), and also if it was not improving within 2 weeks (that remains to be seen, but I'm hopeful). I guess if toe breaks in the wrong place or wrong way, it can require surgery! Yikes. No thanks! However, it is a lovely, deep shade of red and purple right now. I'd swear it was marker if I didn't know better.

Back to unpacking, I guess...


momrn2 said...

Glad you're settling in so well and love the house. But, oh owww... sorry about the toe!! Almost makes me whimper just thinking about it! OOWWWYYY!

SlushTurtle said...

It makes me feel so good that you aren't all unpacked. I feel like I'm being a slacker and going really slow at this unpacking business! My mind is motivated, but I can't get my body on board.

Sorry about your toe! I have legs covered, and I mean covered, in bruises. That's what happens when you are clumsy, bruise like a peach, and have boxes strewn all over the place. It's ugly. Of course, I just tell people that L hits me when I sass him...

Carbon said...

Glad you found the house of your dreams. What a wonderful feeling.

Make sure you take time to pamper that toe too. Unpacking is hard work!

AfricaBleu said...

I think a broken toe exempts you from doing the unpacking.

I'm so glad you love your new house and everything worked out.