21 July 2006


I admit it. I loved pigs in High School. As in, I collected pig items, not that I loved boys who were pigs. Pigs were my “thing”. (I even dreamed of owning a pet pig, but now when my son asks the same thing, I cringe!)

Now, as the years have waned, I find myself adoring them a little less than in my formative years. For the most part, I prefer that people not remember how much I liked them, lest they try to impart a pig-gift on me. You know, enough is enough and all that.

Well, I have this wonderful, dearest of heart-friends, Kim, who traveled out of the country on various occasions and brought back fabulous pig figures, earrings, etc, over the years for me. She had a “thing” for cows, so we kinda stuck, I guess. Anyhow, Kim understood the pig affair better than anyone else. To this day, I pack the pigs she gave me with extra care and stop to gaze at each one, or grin, as I pass. They have flair of their own, for sure.

Today, I received a package from Kim. It has been a long, long time since she’s given me a pig, but I once more beheld a fabulous pig in my hands as a housewarming gift. It’s a skinny piggy-face, carved with squinty eyes and great flopped ears that are almost straight out. Behind his eyes is a very deep “wrinkle”—he holds my glasses! He gets my tickle bone and brought bubbles of laughter; I must say he’s fantastic. Once again, she understood the love accurately. And, my new bathroom has enough counter space for him to have his very own spot!!

Thanks a million, my dear!

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xtina said...

at some point as a child my Grandma decided that I loved Mickey Mouse and gave me something Mickey Mouse at every birthday, christmas, for no reason at all. I had matching sheets, a jean jacket, a watch, a charm bracelet, a stuffed Mickey, a towel, posters, and they kept coming. (i'm pretty certain i've NEVER liked mickey mouse) but the best was when i was in high school and Grandma bought me a pair of BABY BLUE, COURDUROY, OVERALL SHORTS that had a silly mickey mouse on the chest pocket. >shudder< they were hideous. there's a picture of me wearing them and i'm painfully crackin a weak smile and that was the only time a put them on...