24 July 2006


I attended a 2 year private college. I posted on this a little last summer, here. This coming weekend is my 10 year reunion. Truth be told, in the midst of our moving and craziness (I’m blaming a lot of things on the move still), I forgot all about it. Until, of course, I made plane reservations to visit my close friend, Bekah. That’s when I remembered and looked up the dates—the same, of course. And, I have been looking forward to this reunion for several years now. I was almost in tears. Then I began my mental wonderings: I wondered if I was supposed to go, if I would make it even if I wasn’t scheduled to fly out, and if we’d be able to find a place to stay on such short notice. My hubby and I talked it over, and he said that if the flight-change fees were reasonable, move the trip out a bit and arrange for the reunion. He is so good to me.

For a couple days, I checked the fees and contemplated a new date for my trip. During those days, I realized that my poor husband would be suffering if I left him high and dry so fast after moving in—there is still a good bit we’re working on with unpacking and such—sigh. So, I will be making my first girls-trip (only Miss C will go along with me!) for Labor Day weekend. And, I am excited!

I began arranging for my reunion trip, paying for the dinner and lookinig into accommodations (which fill up fast since there is a huge annual fair at the same time). It’s only about a two hour drive, and staying one night up there is sufficient. My dad has a man he does a lot of work for who owns a luxury condo at the resort where my reunion will be held. He arranged for us to stay there for that one night. Free.

Now, I am faced with the age-old question of what to wear. I loathe this decision. And, of course, I want to look good.

The reunion starts at 6pm, likely not overly formal; it is a “gourmet buffet”, but children are included. Everyone will be outside a few hours prior at other homecoming functions. I’m guessing a little black dress would be overkill. But, shorts might be a bit too casual. Flattering jeans and a black linen top? A dress? I want something that can be dressed up or down. And, did I mention I loathe this decision?!?!?!

If anyone has any suggestions, I would gladly take them. And, yes, it’s this Saturday.


Carbon said...

Do you like capris? A nice capri with a fancier tank top (there's lot of them out there with crystals or other embellishments). Or instead of capris, a longer summery skirt. And bring a cardigan just in case :)

kim said...

I agree with Maki -- dressy casual capris with a dressy top would be what i would wear -- good luck! I'm glad you get to go :)

Oh, and I live in Kansas City so i am about 4 hours from Branson -- would you believe i've never even been there! I know, i'm not a true Missouri-an ;)

Amie said...

I think your reunion is over now, but i'm curious to know what you did wear! :D