01 August 2006

that old house

Well, we did not close today like we'd hoped. Apparently, the loan officer working on the buyer's loan was not returning calls because. . .he got FIRED. And no one had taken over his clients yet. So, the buyers are moving on to the second place that prequalified them. They have ONE week to close (per standard contracts), or we are renegotiating. They've been proving to be quite a pain to deal with, claiming a lot of damage on our siding, all the way around (versus the FOUR boards with SOME issues), etc. Our agent called their bluff and they backed down, but are still being quite nit-picky (wanting a letter proving the roof was "professionally done" since hearing my dad -- a contractor -- did the work; we don't want issues in a year, so we're not providing one. It's BRAND NEW, for crying out loud!!). Anyhow, we're going way out of pocket on closing costs and it's quite painful, so we're not going to sit around and argue. You want it, you buy and find a way to make it work, or we pull the contract. End of discussion. We need time to find a seller if these guys are not going to pull through. For the moment, we are set to close next Monday at 4pm.

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SlushTurtle said...

Woes! I hope it closes soon, I know it is so stressful to have two houses at once!