07 August 2006

99 things about me

(since 100 just seemed a bit more than I could find time for!)

So, without further ado, my list as promised (please also reference #34 & 35)...

1. I am a poet.
2. Sometimes the poetry in me is like a dead leaf crumpled beneath one’s foot.
3. This can happen by the year (probably busy with kids or something else in life!).
4. I love reading—preferably Christian romance or suspense. Not poetry so much.
5. I cannot hear a rhythm. In a room of 100 people clapping (or even a dozen people kick-boxing), I will be the one who gets off the beat and stumbles around to get back. (My husband is very musical; go figure.)
6. I believe mommy-hood was my calling.
7. Some days I forget that I believe I was supposed to be a mommy and I stress out over it.
8. I wanted to get married in my upper twenties.
9. I got married when I was 21.
10. I have never regretted it for a single moment.
11. I am now 30.
12. I love to play Clue!
13. Scrabble is my other favorite game.
14. I have recently become addicted to Sudoku.
15. I like playing Nancy Drew on the computer (but what I really want is the Hardy Boys—where ARE they??).
16. I enjoy puzzles.
17. I like having the face of the watch on the inside of my wrist, not the top.
18. I hate to wear shoes and remove them immediately upon arriving home.
19. Thus, I usually have a large collection of shoes by the front door (see below #71).
20. Sometimes, I slip my shoes off under the table at a restaurant (shhh—don’t tell!).
21. I have endometriosis.
22. I love hot showers.
23. I burn my tongue on my coffee more frequently than I care to admit.
24. I love coffee with cream, no sugar.
25. I also love plain lattes.
26. Mostly, I drink my coffee with unsweetened soymilk since that’s now what we have in the fridge (and I almost prefer it now).
27. Dark chocolate is an important part of my diet.
28. I have adult-onset asthma.
29. My favorite flower is the stargazer lily.
30. I have a younger brother.
31. I have lots and lots of extended relatives; almost all of them are out of state.
32. I prefer to drive a manual transmission.
33. I get migraines.
34. I procrastinate.
35. Badly.
36. I have pierced ears—one hole per ear.
37. My dad made me wait until I was 12 to get them pierced.
38. Now, I think I’ll do the same with my daughter, even though I did not understand at the time.
39. I have to wear gold earrings or my skin gets irritated.
40. I have an Associates degree from a private junior college.
41. I went to college in the mountains (around here, they’re “mountains”, some people say they’re just “foothills”).
42. Now, I love the mountains; they are a personal retreat for me.
43. Someday, I’ll take more classes just because I want to.
44. I am trying to teach myself how to sew.
45. In the process, I am falling in love with it.
46. The marshmallows in sweet cereal make my skin crawl when I chew them. {shudder}
47. I got glasses in the fourth grade.
48. I have worn contacts off and on over the years.
49. When wearing contacts, I now (sometimes) add reading glasses to them to help me keep my place on a page.
50. My reading glasses are dark purple and sassy.
51. I have hazel eyes.
52. They change by the weather and what I wear.
53. They look teal when I cry.
54. My hair is dark, dark brown.
55. It is very straight.
56. It falls below my shoulders.
57. I often wear it up in a clip, bun-style.
58. I’m trying to grow it out as long as it was when I graduated from High School (at least 6 inches below my shoulder).
59. I kill plants regularly.
60. I have a new desire to understand plants and develop a “greener” thumb (I wonder how long this will last!).
61. It has taken me seven months to get this far in the list (see above, #34 & #35). Oh, the shame. . .
62. But, I blame the house selling/not selling/buying/moving/etc. Yeah, that’s what it is.
63. I occasionally have to re-read the list to see if I’ve already said something.
64. I love popcorn.
65. I’ve simplified this love and now make my own on the stove with olive oil and salt—no more microwave stuff for me, thank you very much (though I used to love it)!
66. I love lists.
67. I have lists of lists.
68. I must get a gleam in my eye when I want to make a list since my husband (mid-conversation) often asks, “Do we need to make a list?” He’s got impeccable timing since that would be the next request out of my mouth!
69. I use a “Mom’s Plan-It” with a weekly calendar and tear-out list to give myself an organized look.
70. That does not actually mean I am organized.
71. I always have “piles” of things—clothes to fold, papers to go through, books I’ve read/want to read/need to put away, more papers, coupons, shoes (reference #19) and the list goes on.
72. I use cloth diapers on my daughter much of the time.
73. I do that because I like to, not because of the thousand other reasons people list.
74. I wore braces for 3 ½ years.
75. My teeth were already straight; it was for TMJ.
76. I still struggle with TMJ problems.
77. Breakfast for dinner is one of my favorite meals.
78. In High School I worked at a consignment shop.
79. It was the first in the area, which started quite a trend in following years.
80. I liked that job a lot.
81. I was a dental assistant before having children.
82. I also helped manage their front office short-term.
83. Management seems to be what I like best.
84. I hate to exercise.
85. It bores me to no end.
86. I need to exercise.
87. I’m working on ways to motivate myself.
88. I did kickboxing for a little while, but now it’s too far away.
89. I liked it enough I’m thinking about buying a video to do it at home.
90. However, I don’t think I’d do it alone (based on personal experience).
91. I am notorious for returning library books late.
92. I am responsible for packing some library books while moving.
93. I cannot figure out where I packed them, and therefore have renewed them twice now (and they are due again).
94. I have a terrible time making decisions (“But what if. . .”).
95. My heart can be very vulnerable.
96. But it loves fully, wholly and without question.
97. I am deeply in love with my husband.
98. I love the Lord Jesus even more.
99. I think this should have been easier since I love making lists.


momrn2 said...

Fun to get to know you better! Great list!

Carbon said...

I have successfully dodged the temptation & addiction of sudoku. I'm sure it will happen eventually but I refuse to try it even once cuz I know I'll be doing it all the time!