01 January 2006

new year's musings

This year ahead feels a bit like a large, unopened package. I cannot guess what it holds, and shaking it tells me nothing. The only smell is that of something new. What I want for the New Year is to dig deeper in my relationship with Jesus, to allow Him to woo me and win me in personal and lasting ways. I want to love Him more than I do. I want to meditate on His word and be still, knowing He is God.

Our holidays were eventful at times and unendingly busy. I have no idea how we arrived at the New Year in one piece, but here we are. In the next few days, I will try to blog and summarize what has been going on at the very least, thus re-entering blog-land.

Our peace to move is still present, but we agreed recently to let the house we were going to build go. That particular peace dissipated slowly as the builder continued to play games and mess with prices (the final tag was painful—funny how they’re having trouble selling those homes now. . .). We will move, be it this year or next, but the details are still unfolding. There are things we want to get a better handle on first, anyway, so we will bide our time quietly. In the meantime, we are trying to remain open to God’s speaking.

In honor of my thirtieth birthday (next week, not this), I am working on a list of things about myself to post. Odd, I can think of things to add when I’m busy during the day, but if I find time to sit down and type, I cannot recall what those things were. My original, self-imposed deadline for that list was today. Ahem. Not very successful, obviously. I wonder if my husband would have insights about me?

And, before I forget—Miss C got her two front teeth for Christmas (one came a few days early, the other a few days late, but at least they finally came!).

For each of you, my blog-friends, may this coming year bring you joy untold.

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