11 January 2006

buttercup & wesley

If you have not seen The Princess Bride, you are not qualified to read any further. Go watch the movie first!

The week before Christmas I was at the pet store with my mom. She needed dog food and I took the opportunity to gaze at some birds with my children (rodents, too, but mostly birds). I had finches in high school and loved them. By far, birds are the one pet I enjoy. Dogs are too demanding, my husband and son are allergic to cats, fish are too easily ignored (our grimy tank is nearby to prove my point), etc. Birds, however, I find cheerful and beautiful. They need interaction, but don’t need to be potty-trained. They need food, water, and a clean cage, but don’t need a bath or to be kept off my bed.

My mother was watching me as I oohed and aahed over the parakeets and asked, “Do you need me to buy you a bird?” I so did not see that coming. I stuttered and stumbled and muttered about not talking me into it. She said she’d been wanting to get me something special. I hesitated and said I’d call my husband because he’d talk me out of it. Not. He thought a bird would be a good idea, in fact, get two. Uh. . .

Well, that sold me on it. My heart leapt with joy. I chose a very light blue male with a hint of yellow in his face and wings, gray on top. I chose a wide cage, picked up a few toys and other necessities like food, and was on my way. What a lovely gift. I was SO excited to go home and get him all set up. Never mind we had a family Christmas dinner that night and I was not close to ready to leave on time. I had a bird. A no-name bird, but a beautiful one none the less.

They did not have many females, and I was being picky on the colors. So, I waited. The following week, the shipment of parakeets did not come in as they’d promised, and I began calling around to see who had a deep blue female. In the meantime, we were discussing names. Little B offered his suggestions on a regular basis: “How about ‘Birdy’?” Well, thanks for the idea, but I’ll be making the final choice! He’s so cute.

My mind was uselessly coming up with limited famous couples. Really limited. Pathetic. I intended to blog for ideas, even, but never found the chance! My husband finally recommended “Buttercup and Wesley”. I loved it. But, I’d need a yellow female rather than the deep blue I’d wanted for contrast. And the search began again.

This past Saturday my mom called to say she’d found a solid yellow female parakeet at a store near her home. When we put her into the cage, the two birds connected like long time lovers. It was so sweet. They were preening one another, kissing, chatting and snuggling up immediately. It was sweet to watch!

And so, I have pets. They are MY pets, so I know I will do the caring for them. I won’t be annoyed when someone else doesn’t do it. My son and daughter each “share” one with me (per Little B, but this might be a nice pet-intro for the kids . . . sharing mom’s pet).

Buttercup, as I’ve mentioned is all yellow, gentle and sweet. Wesley is subdued in color, happier, and has facial markings that resemble a bit of a mustache. It cracks me up. They are so suited for their names.

Oh yes. This weekend, they will be getting married! Little B said he wants to officiate, and we’ve “practiced” a few times what he’ll say. This event needs guests (my parents) and will be video-worthy is all I can say. He even drew pictures of the birds for programs (good ones at that!). They definitely bring a bit of cheer with them.

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