26 January 2006


Life has a way of becoming increasingly intense in specific ways, and this month has proven to be such a time in our lives.

Little B has been struggling. In ways I cannot understand, cannot fathom and cannot seem to help. I will not spend my words expounding, for he is truly a wonderful little boy, but as the month has progressed, he seems to have digressed, and for this our hearts have been hurting and suffering. The majority of it has stemmed from school. Why, I am unsure, but that this is the source, we have concluded with certainty. He has a decent to good weekend, but when he comes home, his outlook is turned, and we barely make it to the next weekend. Something is drastically off and in spite of regular contact with the teachers we have been unable to pinpoint a specific cause (though we have a few theories). We only see the effect.

With much deliberation and prayer, we have decided to withdraw him from his private Christian pre-k program. This decision has brought our first moment of peace and relief all month. I may never know why, but it is a glad moment for me. I want to bring back the joy into my little one’s eyes.

Along this line, we spoke with an agent today at length about listing our house and where we would like to move. Our goal is to be moved in time for Kindergarten (there are excellent city schools where we have chosen to go). However, I am, for the first time in my life, becoming open to the idea of home-schooling—IF and ONLY IF adequate social interaction is available. For the rest of this school year, we have decided to enroll him in some type of sports lessons, probably swimming or soccer.

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