02 January 2006

booger soup

My son hates pasta. Except for “Chinese Noodles” (read: lo mien). The other day, he was sitting on the couch and randomly picked his nose (for the record, he is not a regular booger-boy, just occasional). I can usually convince him to wait for a tissue, but we do see the little-boy protein finger at work sometimes, and he ate it before I could convince him a tissue would be better. Ugh. I was mildly irritated and began telling him that if he could eat boogers, he could eat pasta. Oh no, he does NOT like pasta, no way was that going to fly—he was very serious and began to look glum over my announcement. So, I pulled him onto my lap and began asking about the taste of boogers:
Me: “Are they salty?”
Him: “No.”
Me: “What do they taste like?”
Him: “Boogers.” (Duh, what was I thinking??)
We were all cracking up, to say the least.

Yesterday evening, I found some alphabet pasta in my pantry. Little B is learning to read, so he found this interesting. He decided, quite on his own, that he wanted to try them—in soup. So, my chicken dinner immediately turned into chicken soup. As I walked away, I looked back and laughingly said, “They’re about the size of boogers, huh?” Now, to a four year old booger-eater, that is really, really funny. And he promptly decided we would be eating Booger Soup for dinner. He actually had a second helping of it!

So, if you’re invited to dinner and Booger Soup is on the menu, don’t fret too much. It should be quite chicken-y and full of corn, peas, and alphabet boogers.


Carbon said...

I may never be able to look at alphabet soup the same again :)

Hillary said...

that's so cute! I love how little kids think! :D

Hillary said...

by the way, I found you via Africableu!