04 August 2006


Since I was tired of the old template, and in honor of my new house, I've made a few changes here at "penny for my thoughts". So, welcome to my new online "home". Bear in mind, I am a woman, and entitled to change my mind should it need more redecorating or color! I've also added a new blog, with the intent of posting recipes and meal planning (truly just a self-motivator as this is not a strong point for me). I'm still toying with it--appearance, name and concept. It may turn into nothing, but feel free to stop by in the weeks ahead. In theory it will be geared toward healthier meals and treats, but what is life if not to live a little, right?


Carbon said...

I LOVE it!!!

SlushTurtle said...

I like it- very clean!!!

momrn2 said...

Nice new place! And CONGRATS on getting the house sold.

Our inspection was completed on the one we have an offer on. Long story short we ended up having to buy a brand new dishwasher for the place. Guess in the scheme of things it could have been worse!

We should sign final papers middle to end of August. Pray with us that all goes through!

Can't wait to experience the feeling of the second house payment "off my back" as well!!!

Again... CONGRATS!! Praising God with you!!