29 August 2006

girl time

Life has been so crazy here recently. Adjusting to the school schedule, starting the soccer season (okay, that was just last night, but you understand...)

And Ragweed is in bloom, therefore so are everyone's allergies. The "boys" seem to finally have it under control, and Miss C was teething simoultaneously with her congestion, but also seems to be bouncing back at last. Me? Oh, thanks for asking. Mine has settled into my chest and today I feel chilled and yet warm (oh yeah, wiped-out-exhausted-tired to boot). Not so good for a girl who is going on a trip on two days.

Yes, at long last I am going on a mini-vacation--I'm taking Miss C, so it doesn't count as a full one. I will be visiting my oldest, dearest friend for a lovely, long weekend of shopping. Feel those warm fuzzies? Oh yes, coffee, shopping, dining, pictures, shopping, and a bit more coffee and shopping. Those are the extent of our plans (with our toddler girls in tow, so it will truly be a GIRL trip). Ah, I forgot to mention the foot-pampering; we plan to scrub our feet and paint our toes as well. Luxury.

I met Bek in middle school. Our friendship stood the test of time and distance since I moved a mere three months after meeting her. We've written hundreds of letters (which morphed into emails over the years), sent many, many packages, and spent eons of time on the phone. Every few years, we'd have a chance to visit, and now we try to make that once a year. We have the same middle name, and now our daughters share one as well (their own, not ours). It happened to worked out that way, but it's just that much more fun. Our parents remained close friends, as well. Miss C and Melody are 6 weeks apart (no, this was not planned!), and so our trips will likely include them for years to come. I love the thought of a third generation of heart-friends, in spite of the distance. God blessed me the day I met this family, for sure.

And now, I must rest and pack. I bought an extra duffel bag for the trip home since shopping is a dominant activity this coming weekend. There is also a need to gather small, quiet toys for the almost two hour plan ride ahead...ah yes, we must endure trials in order to have that fun!


Carbon said...

Have a great girl time together!

I have a friend like that and she lives across the country now. I miss her but we always catch up when we can. I'm sure we'll be friends for a long time, since it's been 5 years that we have lived apart!

momrn2 said...

Sounds like a fabulously fun time on the horizon! Enjoy yourself and pamper yourself a bit!!! You deserve it!

Buffy said...

Ragweed. Ughh.