04 August 2006

at last

It's official. We sold our old house today. I had a moment of doubt when, after signing all the papers, our attorney said, "Okay, we thought the wire would be here already for the loan, so hopefully it will come while I go finish up some copies." WHAT? It did finally make it, though. (I'm suspicious it was the FedEx guy who arrived, looking for someone to sign, while we all sat chatting.)

Who bought our house? Well, a second year college guy will be living there; his mother and her boyfriend (?) bought it for him with 20% cash down. And they had the gall to quibble over a cash settlement of $300 for repairs (we didn't want to pay any, they wanted more--claiming problems we had a very hard time believing; not to mention we had a new exterior paint job done as well as put a new roof on in recent months. Give me a BREAK!). Either way, our out-of-pocket was less than expected and it seems we will also get some cash back from escrow in a few weeks. That eases the way we scraped the bottom of the barrel for closing (it'd have been ever so much easier pre-double house payments!)

Okay, that's off my chest now, and the mortgage is off my back. Praise the Lord! :)

Think I'll go eat bake a few cookies now, to celebrate, of course!


Carbon said...

Congrats! That must be such a feeling of relief.

We are having problems with the landlord of our business who won't transfer ownership to our possible new buyer. He's an ideal candidate and we've been at it for months with them... soooo very frustrating.

SlushTurtle said...

Yippee!!!! I'm so glad this is finally over for you!!!!