12 June 2006

rite of passage

Oh my, oh my!
Here we are in the midst of crazy packing and a sick little girl, trying to decide how to decorate Little B's new room (Miss C's will be fine for now, ours is settled). He and I were looking at books and drawing inside a box (modeling the new bedroom—castle theme!), when he looks at me and says, “My tooth still hurts from yesterday.” Uh, I never heard anything about him hurting his tooth. It seems that when he was with his daddy getting a haircut, he tried to open a sports water bottle with his teeth (the kind that pulls straight out. I got a little worried, and checked on it. Turns out, my little boy has his first loose tooth!


Carbon said...

First loose tooth! That is a rite of passage. How exciting.

kim said...

hey! CONGRATULATIONS on selling your house!!! Praise God, that is soooo awesome how it all worked out!!! I am so happy for you guys! I'll be praying that the rest of the transition is smooth! Be sure to post some pictures when you have time :)

And hey, thanks for the totally sweet comment you left me. I have to admit, it made me tear up ... i didn't realize how hard it would be leave my baby. it seems each start of a new week is harder....*sigh* I dont want to work now! I love her sooo much...its amazing how intense the feeling is...babies are miracles!!

Thanks again for the sweet encouragement!

Blessings for your wkend<><

momrn2 said...

Two questions...

How is moving going? Did he lose his tooth yet? Does the tooth fairy come to your house?

Ok, three questions... :-)