29 May 2007

on morning sickness

Ooohhh. The nausea has kicked in. I mean, bad.

I have never been a thrower-upper, remembering one once or twice gagging over the toilet with one of my pregnancies (really getting sick is different, but I still don't puke as often as the average person). Instead, I typically have food aversions that evolve out of cravings. I wanted Mexican one week, now writing the words or driving by the restuarant tend to give me an awful sense in my stomach. I gagged in the car yesterday before lunch, but after driving past such a restaurant. I am forcing my eyes away from the words above so I won't think on it too much...for real.

This week, I made one of my family's favorite meals: "Stir-fry"...not in the traditional sense. It's ground meat (turkey or beef usually, browned with garlic and onion powders), rice, and veggies all put together with some soy sauce. The veggies change out by what's on hand, and way back before allergies in our house I made it with eggs and cheese, too. Anyhow, I could barely stomach a few bites. Everyone else devoured it. I was trying to decide if it was the seasoned oil I sauteed the veggies in or if I put too much soy sauce by accident. No one else seemed bothered, but I'm still bothered by the leftovers every time I open the refrigerator door. Swallow-swallow-closedoor-swallow.

Some mornings, I can get up and eat a decent meal; sometimes I can make a moderate lunch and get most all of it down; by dinner, I pick and force a bit in, then need to have the entire meal moved from my sight. Leftovers make me want to hurl. Food options are starting to run slim (chicken is exceptionally bad on my list). Oh, except pizza. That's been an old stand-by necessity from both pregnancies. (By my third trimester, I typically want it once a week.) And a few salty chips or pretzels help a tiny bit.

So, breakfast anyone? If I choose wisely (leftover pizza anyone?), I'll survive the next few hours since I didn't wake up feeling miserable. That's a good sign for the first part of the day. Man, I'd forgotten how bad this could be. Somehow, the first week or two of feeling pretty good tricked me into thinking this pregnancy wouldn't make me so sick. haha! It got me.

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