31 May 2007

evening out

Last night, my husband and I went out for an incredibly rare evening without kids. When I say rare, I mean once or twice a year if that.

We had gift certificates to the movies (a place we never spend money) and saw Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. I loved it. (I must confess, I knew something of how it ended since I convinced a friend to spoil a few details.) It was really good in my opinion. I don't typically care for Disney's kid's movies as there are too many unnecessary innuendos, however, they do make relatively clean adult movies by contrast (yes, some suggestive things, but not as frequent as in the kid movies!).

And now, I just can't wait for it to come out on DVD because I have an obsession about watching movies with their subtitles. . .I catch more of what is said that way and I understand the plot better. Perhaps it has to do with being an avid reader, who knows. I just know that during this movie, there are lots of accents and rushed words with tons of background music, so reading it clarfies it for me.

Anyhow, we had a fabulous time in a completely uncrowded theater while my sister-in-law struggled with tired kids at bed time out of their normal routine. (The babysitting was part of her birthday present to her brother/my husband; I wonder how soon she'll offer again?)

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