01 June 2007

my cup spilleth over

I had my first OB visit yesterday for this pregnancy.
I'd been feeling tired and "icky", so my father drove me while my mother watched the kids. They're wonderful that way; I think I'll keep them.

Just when I needed to walk out the door my phone rang. It was the doctor's office asking to move my appointment 45 minutes later since he had two women in labor. (One was still pushing when I arrived; poor thing, I wonder who was with her since I had my appointment and there were several women in the waiting room and the midwife in the practice was on vacation. . .) I spent the extra time Miss C down for a nap; only half the baby-sitting for Grandma this way.

You know how it goes at any appointment, first they weigh you and then for OB you have to pee in a cup. So, there I am, purse and water bottle across the small room, next to the door, since there is no hook or shelf to set them on, awkwardly holding this paper cup with my name, now half full of pee and wondering if there is any way they could make this more awkward. Immediately, I recalled trying to feel where the cup was at the end of my previous pregnancies since you surely can't see over the big belly. As I reminded myself, that yes, it will be more awkward before it's all over, I spilled the cup of pee.

Now, when I say I spilled the cup of pee, I mean half of it's contents sloshed over my arm, and split between the floor and my clothing. There was quite a puddle on the floor--you'd think I had not made it to the toilet--and my shirt had a large spot. When I looked down, it was on my thighs, my underwear, my pants in several indiscreet spots. I surely looked like I peed in my pants. I sat there, wondering what on earth to do and wished I had a change of clothes like I carry for my daughter.

I felt completely trapped with pee all over me and the floor and a wet cup that really needed to be put in the little metal trap door next to me. I wiped the cup down and took care of sending it on its way first. Then began using toilet paper to mop up myself and the commode and the floor and even my clothes (that was pretty ineffective). I nearly clogged the toilet with the extra tissue. I really didn't want to explain that as well.

Thankfully, I know to laugh at myself. I was cracking up when I stepped out and saw the nurse and ultrasound tech and told them what happened. I told the doctor later and even the lady who drew my blood (I felt obligated since I had to sit in her chair and I had almost-dry pee on me).

Graceful, aren't I? hahahaha!


momrn2 said...

OH, I'm so sorry! I hate it when those types of things happen... but I can relate. It is those types of things that seem to happen to me also!

Think of the stories and memories that have just begun with this little one...:-)

Midlife Mom said...
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dcrmom said...

UGH! I can't believe that I never did that. Of course, I went to midwives who didn't ask me to pee in a cup EV-ER. So that seriously reduced the chances of it happening to me. But that is SO something I would do.

Anne said...

Great story!! :) I've always had a plastic cup with a lid...much easier!

Our lovestory... said...

For my second OB appointment, I COULD NOT GO... I sat and tried for SO long. Even did the turn on the faucet trick. The nurse even knocked on the door and asked me if I was okay. I felt so stupid! I was happy to know that they really need a very small amount of pee and that what I was able to get out was enough. Luckily, it was a nurse who was filling in for the day, so I have never had to see her again!