05 June 2007

busy yesterday

Little B had his 6 year old well-check-up way too early in the morning yesterday. He did so, so good. First of all, we were told last year that all shots were finished until he's eleven, and since shots are full of trauma for him, that was a huge relief. Well, things changed. Of course. They now want a chicken pox booster shot and so he we talked to him about it for a bit and he was the bravest little boy on the planet. Not one tear during the shot (a few at the news of the shot, but not during!). A year ago, it took three people to hold him down and was an ugly scene. I was SO proud of him yesterday. Also, he passed his vision test, which he failed two years ago which resulted in seeing an eye doctor who told us to return this year. Well, we'll still return, but it's for "floaters" this time; my son sees spots all the time, apparently. This was news to me a couple weeks ago and I was just happy to have this check-up already set. At least I'm no longer inwardly panicking over possible annuerisms or anything freaky.

I was also supposed to have my first filling yesterday, but once my dentist realized I was only 8 weeks pregnant, he put it off until my 2nd trimester. While we're going to try it without a shot, he doesn't want that to change partway through while I'm still in the 1st trimester. That was just fine with me since I didn't really happen to be overly excited about the prospect. I was mostly worried about getting a round of nausea partway through, so I'm going to make the appointment for about halfway through the pregnancy since that is when my "morning sickness" typically abates, at least in my previous experience.

And, I had an ultrasound yesterday afternoon and saw my precious new baby. I forgot just how real it becomes the first time you see the little bean shaped thing with a heartbeat pounding to beat the band. Life is so beautiful. My son was quite tickled because he got to see a video of the ultrasound and as always was full of awe. Now, we'll be pulling out the video of his ultrasounds as well as Miss C's.

So, it was a busy crazy day and I was completely beat by the end of it. Today, I've been too wiped out (and nauseated) to go take care of essential things like buy toilet paper (not to worry, we should make it to the end of the week) and groceries (well, I don't care for much food these days but my family may start to get annoyed soon if there is nothing to eat, huh? Shoot. . .).


Carbon said...

I always find that all those appointments always seem to be scheduled around the same time! There was a week where we were going from one appointment to another! It was so tiring and I'm not even pregnant!

Mommy-loguer said...

Aww thats so cool you had your 1st u/s with this baby!! How fun to see the heart beat and beat! Are you going to find out the sex? I still don't know how people do it! I just HAVE to know (: (yes, and I speak from having ONE baby haha. I make it sound as though i've had many)

I totally had to laugh at the pee story below. That is totally 100% somthing i would do!! And then I would have felt the need to tell any one who even glanced in my direction afterwards. Haha oh the fun times of OB appts!

Hope your morning sickness subsides soon! ): Not a fun thing to deal with.

Our lovestory... said...

I loved seeing our baby's heartbeat - it was only at around 8 weeks - she was just a blob at that point - but she had a little beating heart! I don't know how people can say that is not LIFE! The tech made me promise not to tell the dr, but she turned on the sound and let us listen, too - SO cool!

I had dental work in my 2nd trimester and they let me have novicaine (sp?), just no epinepherine (sp?). I was worried, but just prayed over my baby that she would be okay!