19 June 2007

spilling the pee cup still wins first prize, but. . .

knocking over half the cute little container of syrup from my plate onto my dress definely wins second. I am so incredibly clumsy. And that was so incredibly sticky. Especially where it pooled next to my leg and then made my dress stick to me until I could go home and bathe a second time. The massive amounts on my wrist that made the watch stick like it was glued washed off with two rounds in the bathroom, at least. Otherwise, our Father's Day brunch really was quite lovely.


Our lovestory... said...

Oh I hate being sticky... I am glad you had a good sense of humor about it! I know that I would have been angry, pouted, and then cried! :-) Pregnancy hormones!

Carbon said...

I totally forgot to comment on your pee spilling episode. WOW. You are clumsy ;-) But you handled it soooo well. I agree... you win first and second prize.

Must tell you about my clumsiness: I was on a date way back when and we ordered steaks. I was so nervous on cutting it up that I was trying so hard to be elegant that the steak flew off my plate and onto his side of the table. THAT was pretty embarrassing!

See, we all have our stories. Some more than others of course ;-)