21 June 2007

that kinda poochy stage

We are going to a wedding in a week. The wedding of a very dear friend for over a decade now. My son is named after the groom and his family. Yeah, that kind of wonderful friend. And we could not be more ecstatic about going. Some weddings, I could give or take. I would not miss this for the world. Indeed, my own two precious children will be in the wedding with several nieces and nephews of the groom. Yup, extended family.

Early on, I decided that I would absolutely NOT be doing the last-minute-shopping-for-a-dress-to-wear thing. I am notorious for those problems, and refused to cave to the stress. Six weeks ago, I found a fabulous dress at a consignment shop that made me happy and bought it. This particular store has a lovely policy of allowing an exchange within five days. On the fifth day, I took a pregnancy test. It was positive. I did not take the dress back because:
a) I liked it
b) I thought perhaps it would fit still at two days shy of 12 weeks pregnant
c) I had no other options at that moment and didn't want to regret returning it
d) I was stinkin' unsure what to do

The end of the week was my son's Mother's Day Tea at school. He requested I wear the new dress since it was so pretty. I squeezed my feet into the one pair of shoes that matched (I thereby discovered that ALL my nice shoes no longer fit after having two babies...yes, that means more shopping, which oddly enough I do not enjoy), and thus became the most dressed up mom at the tea. I liked the dress that day, though it was not so comfy sitting in the kindergarten chairs.

As the weeks have progressed, so has my size. Just a bit. Not for the average person to see, but for my clothes to be just a bit tighter. For the "sucking it in" not to work or feel remotely okay. For the shape more than anything to begin adjusting. For that kinda poochy stage to kick in (versus real showing). For the beautiful dress not to fit.

Where does that leave me?
Yeah, stressing over a dress at the last minute, with two children in tow, not just one, since school is out. And suddenly realizing that we have a rehearsal dinner I need clothing for as well as the wedding.

I did actually find a dress at another consignment shop today (I'm a sucker for those places with great prices and clothes always pre-washed, no shrinking save poor laundry skills, though I do shop new as needed, too). Light blue, linen, knee-length, sleeveless, and roomy enough not to look peculiar with a funky bulge (for a whopping $6.50 since it was half price, thank you very much). Now, for rehearsal dinner clothes and shoes all around (watch, I'll spend all the money I just saved on one pair of shoes just to be done with it!). With two children in tow.

(I won't even think about the fact I still need to go choose glasses this weekend as well . . . shudder.)


Anne said...

Not a big fan of the poochy stage myself, I've gotta say...

Carbon said...

I TOTALLY understand not liking to shop and especially last minute shopping. I HATE last minute shopping.

I too can't fit into most of my shoes. It makes me soooo sad because I spent years and years accumulating the perfect blend of multi use shoes.

Sigh... Pregnancies!

Our lovestory... said...

Oh no! My huge shoe collection might not be utilized in the future...???

Good luck. Who likes shopping under this much stress - argh!

I remember that "pooch" stage when I kind of wanted to start taking pictures of the belly, but kind of only thought I looked fat, not preggers.

Hang in there...

Mommy-loguer said...

Aww I'm not sure how you do it with 2 kids! I was just rocking A the other night, thinking "If i had another baby right now, this might not be a do-able thing!" So props, kudos, etc to ya for being able to shop w/2 kiddos! (: After you get out of the 'poochy stage' (which i'm sure you look darn cute!) you should post tummy pix; i'd love to see! (: