24 May 2007

independent streak

Miss C has an independent streak a mile wide. She is bound and determined to do some things on her own, no matter what.

Today, it was changing clothes. This has been a frequent effort on her part recently. Now, mind you, she turned two less than four months ago, so this is not exactly simple for her yet. She is becoming quite adept at removing articles of clothing from her body (though so far, the snaps on her cloth diapers are a hinderance in becoming bare-bottomed, thank goodness!). However, placing clothing onto her body appropriately is a desperate, agonizing struggle. And she adamantly refuses any help whatsoever.

I heard her crying in the play room (aka, dining room with with toys but no dining table). Really a frustrated cry. I spoke to her, then checked on her. She had stripped herself of the pretty green t-shirt dress and "sparkly" shoes and was attempting to put on yesterday's light blue shirt with a turtle. I offered help, I offered encouragement, I spoke soft and kind, and I made suggestions. The only response I got was "NO!" Add some futile crying. I finally stepped away. She would not let me touch her, shrinking from assistance. Offers of a simpler shirt were also turned down.

I continued to keep tabs on her progress. At some point, the shirt had found it's way onto her body, but was posing as a strapless top, as both arms were through the neck. Again, all attempts to assist her were denied and I left her to her self-imposed task.

I would say it was close to twenty minutes of this shrieking and persistance total. At long, long last, she found me in the living room (connected to above mentioned play-room), sobs slowly abating from complete exhaustion, one arm in a sleeve, the other still through the neck. Backwards. Mildly satisfied but still not wanting Mommy's help to finish the job.

She crawled into my arms and let me hold her, snuggling into oblivion as sleep overtook.

Yes, she's my independent girl. But at least she still needs her mommy.


momrn2 said...

Poor thing... both of you! :-)

At least she was attempting to put them on. My mom tells a story where I stripped completely down... and then took off running through the neighborhood. She was chasing after me. I'm glad I was too young to remember!! But she has never let me live it down.

I guess the most important thing is that I don't do that now. Ha ha ha....

Carbon said...

Mine always says "I do that!"

She's been saying it for a very long time. But I'm glad that she's tough and independent. Says a lot about them :)