23 May 2007

little b

Where did this past school year go? I'm amazed. Something transpired quietly in the last ten months. My little boy is missing his two front teeth. He walks and talks with more confidence. He is reading and doing math on a first grade level; he's almost ready for chapter books. His awe of the world around him has enhanced and grown. He loves science. He has developed and matured. And come Friday, he will no longer be a Kindergartener.

There has been something so reassuring about my son being in the cradling care of Kindergarten, not the throes of "regular" grades. I know he will just keep growing and amazing me and maturing and most of all being my sweet little man. I know that if I blink, he'll be a teenager. Instead, I'll gaze at him steadily. . .

1 comment:

Carbon said...

NO! Don't say teenager! I keep thinking I'll blink and mine too will be teens overnight. boohoo.

Grade 1! how exciting though :)