11 September 2008

returning to normal

So my husband is doing so much better--he started driving himself to work yesterday, and while he's 12 pounds lighter and tired in the evening, he's doing quite well. (Quick weight loss plan: surgery that prevents eating!)

I must confess that as much work as it was to have him just sitting in a chair needing pain killers around the clock, I liked seeing him so much! It's back to the grind, now, though. He worked this week on a theoretically limited basis, and I was truly a taxi cab for a day or two, but now -- well, his long class on Saturday AND Sunday will take up his weekends this month and his extended driving time to and from work will eat up the morning and evening once more. I'll be missing him until October is over, I'm afraid--once the class ends, he'll need every spare moment to study for the exam at the end of that month.

On other fronts:
Baby J is a hair from crawling--he's got army-crawling down pat and scooching his little self into all kinds of trouble to boot! His reflux still causes issues, but in spite of it he's the happiest creature alive. And cute enough to gobble up!

Little B is having a great year in school so far. It has been *gasp* easy to get him up and out the door each morning (even though one day he mentioned wishing we could fast forward to summer). That has never, ever, ever been the case and I am delighted with the change. NOW to get him to fall asleep before 10:15pm....argh. I have him in bed before 9 each night, so I am just not sure what else to do. His mind simply won't "turn off"--he's planning strategies for the games he and his buddies play at recess! haha!

Then there's Miss C. The booger! She gets a sly look when she calls me "Mom" instead of "Mommy" or (a personal favorite) "Mama". Harumph. Who does she think she is?? Even Little B at 7 1/2 years old refuses to stoop to "Mom" yet! Bravo Little B.

But I won't ramble on--because I'm suspicious that many of you haven't been by in a while and I think I'll just direct your attention to your scroll bar on the right of your screen...you've missed some good posts recently--I did several in a row last week! Go read up and click to visit both Bluehose and our new crochet blog if you haven't already.


Carbon said...

My daughter started calling me "mom" at about 3 years old. It bugs me and she knows it and she has since never muttered mama or mommy again. grrr...

My boy never wants to go to bed at a reasonable time. Last night he was up in his room playing until almost midnight! He's gonna be a real crabby-bum when he gets back from school today! lucky me :(

blue hose said...

I'm glad things are moving along at your house. Life here is getting back to normal slowly.
PS-I like the new profile pic - it's nice the rest of the world gets to see your pretty smile!

sammon said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog the other day! It's nice to make new friends even if it's just virtually! I'm also a great lurker!
When I first looked through my stats I was a little disappointed, but as I looked at it I realized it had to be wrong. It was telling me that my parents and other family members never came back after visiting for only a couple of sec. (I know they look all the time.) So the post was supposed to be mostly in humor, unfortunately the only people who really get my humor are my husband and best friend. It makes it even worse when it's all typed out and you can't see me smiling at the other end. THANK-YOU for visiting my blog (and coming back!:) ) and THANK-YOU for coming out of lurkdom and commenting. I have been worrying a little bit about who is looking at my kids, but now that I know it's you I won't worry. :)
I do have to tell you about my oldest. He also has a hard time falling a sleep at night and when he was in kindergarten he would stay up and think of things he and his would do. One night I went in to talk to him and he told me he and his friends had decided to sneak out of their houses in the middle of the night and meet somewhere (I don't think they had thought out where yet) so he was thinking of different ways to sneak out to the house. It took a couple of days to convince him that it wasn't such a good idea to sneak out of the house. He's still a thinker, but now we give him books, books, books, to ease the crazy ideas that run in his head! ;)

Our Love Story said...

The mommy thing is cute! Never thought about it before!

Glad hubby is recovered. Hopefully at least a year free from ER visits! :-)