25 September 2008


I cannot believe how mild and beautiful the days have been recently. Probably, I can thank Ike for some of it. In our part of the country, the weather is typically warmer than this even in September/October. But we barely crack 80 degrees a few days of the week now and the crisp, cool, breezy sunshine is perfect. These are perfect weather days to me. Jeans almost every day (no socks and sneakers yet--I tried once but truly loathe them, so my sandals are full-functioning). I even wore a sweatshirt to take my son to school this morning since the sun is rising later and the chill was still sitting in the 50's.

These are the days that make me feel most invigorated. At last, I want to throw open doors and windows and sit on the patio with my daughter while she uses sidewalk chalk and "water paint" -- water and a paintbrush to paint on the driveway or patio. I'd read about this but always forgot to try it until last week. She likes that better than anything else, and so do I.

Aside from the gorgeous days, I've had asthma trouble this week, but it's getting better now. Maybe due to the extra door and window opening? Hard to say. The crud just settled right into my chest and got painful and tight in one day. I love my inhaler. It has taken me several years of not needing it before finally start understanding the value of it when I get congested. A new turn, to be sure. This was not a cold and in less than three days it's starting to diminish rapidly. Whew...!

Hopefully, some of this fresh vigor feeling will rub off onto the cleaning tasks I have ahead of me. Feeling bad this week has led to an extra pile-up beyond the usual dishes and clothes. (I got more done yesterday than I was really up for since we had an evening appointment with the roofing man, but the clean clothes are definitely not folded and put away yet, among other things.)

I hope you are all having a lovely week!

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