02 September 2008

finding herself --

Kim. What do I say?
In a nutshell, she's my New York buddy. Need I say more about this wonderful friend?? (Give me a day or two and I actually will be saying more since we have something up our collaborative sleeves...)

Well, hereafter, we shall all know her has "bluehose" or "bluehose98" (let's see if anyone out there knows what that is...?) because after years of prodding and pleading and begging--someone else finally convinced to her put her world on a blog for all to read. Yay! I believe she has wonderful things to share amidst the random thoughts of her life--just like the rest of us. I have known her since High School and consider it an honor to still be such close friends this many years later. How does that song go?

Make new friends,
but keep the old,
one is silver
but the other gold...

I assure you, she is one of the golden friends in my life.

Let's give it up for bluehose {wild ceering in the audience}.

You will find her humble cyber-abode at Finding Myself in the Midst of It All. Please, go check it out and say hi!

(Yeah, all three or four of you who read this--just be a good neighbor, alrighty? Thank you then.)

Now go have yourself a lovely week...I'll be back, probably often over the course of the next few days. Keep a weather eye out. (Or however that expression goes!)

1 comment:

bluehose98 said...

Love you, too! Thanks for the intro!