03 September 2008

got me in stitches

Since I have talked incessently about my crochet stuff (and you might still hear more, like tomorrow, so watch carefully...you won't want to miss this special post), I decided to take (most of) it elsewhere.

For anyone who has any interest in crocheting, or knows someone who does, I'd like to introduce you to a new something-else-to-take-up-my-time: got me in stitches.

Bluehose and I, well, we love a good joint project and since we also both love this crochet thing, we decided to give a crochet blog a whirl. It's still a work in progress, but since I introduced her to you yesterday, and she already has our link up, I figured I'd best make it public! (Knitters are welcome, by the way).

My hope for this new blog is that there will be a decent handful of readers who join in as we find a new charity to crochet (or knit) for many months, a place to learn, ask questions, dig for answers, and share our work. I intend to put a flickr account of my finished work on this blog, and so does Bluehose...but, like I say, it's still under construction, so pardon the mess -- but do drop by!

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