25 September 2008


After taking Little B to school the other day, I needed to get gas. I was very low and so many stations have been completely out recently, so I stopped where the stream of cars seems to ebb and flow all day (and they're either the lowest price in town or the highest...no in between for these guys). I was so excited to see the price was still below $4 (a few weeks back, it dropped so low it actually reached $3.54!!). I stepped out of my van in to the chilly air and realized I was still in pj's. Oops.

I'm so glad I filled up that day, pj's and all.
I also think I'll keep topping it off throughout the week.
The closer you get to my husband's office, the more you see empty stations or stations that are now rationing gas anywhere from $10 to $30 maximums (and still running out, no doubt because they just come back in a bit). And I assure you at the current prices my van won't get half full on thirty bucks of gas. So am I creating a panic by filling up often and beginning to worry? Or am I being reasonable? And now my husband, who must fill up three times a week because of his long commute, needs to remember to get gas closer to home and make sure he doesn't get too low just in case.

As if there isn't enough other stuff to worry about. C'mon...we have plenty of oil right here in the USA...argh.

(**this post is not intended to invite contraversy, so please don't start any . . . thanks!**)


Mrs Lemon said...

That is so true, my husband always fills up in the town he works in because it is regularly $.20 to $.30 cheaper per gallon there.

Stacey said...

My car has a full tank of gas for the first time in about three weeks. I live off Interstate 75, and most stations at my exit have either been completely out of gas or only one grade (usually premium) has been available. I've been trying not to panic, but I've got to head to Atlanta on Tuesday, so you know I'll fill up along the way. Getting stranded isn't something I want to experience. :-)
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Our Love Story said...

Drill baby, drill! ;-) I just took E's pic next to our McCain yard sign! Might post it o the blog!