04 September 2008


So I've been talking about my new passion for crocheting for, what, about three months now, right? And it's still a passion, I assure you. I love it love it love it. Indeed, it's contagious, I find. I want to introduce you to a new crochet-buddy I have.

Little B.

Yes, my 7 year old son has developed a bit of crochet talent himself!

He spent several weeks trying to get past his foundation chain, but since he's a lefty, I think he was turning something around, and once I figured out that he was doing his single crochet somehwhat inside out (I won't even try to explain that), I corrected it and suddenly he was doing it. I was so proud. He did several little swatches of various sizes, usually a half dozen rows (with a varying number of stitches--hey, nobody's perfect!).

Then, I handed him a section I'd begun, about three or four rows with 11 stitches each. And he decided to make Baby J a security blanket. So, I showed him how to change colors when he was ready and he just kept going.

Now, I present to you his finished blankie (approximately 4"x6" in size):


Our Love Story said...

Good job, buddy!

Laurel said...

great job!

I plan on teaching Benji to finger knit next week. I had read to hold off until kids around 4 and his birthday is coming up so we're going to give it a try. It'd be great to have a craft companions (i.e. then maybe he'd let me do it more myself too!)

Carbon said...


AfricaBleu said...

That is so good! My girl loves to crochet and knit (she taught herself). She moved from washclothes to an entire sweater in just a few months. I don't know where she gets it--certainly not me!