22 September 2008


Anyone who knows me at all knows I love love love to read. Books are much better than a movie for they last longer, have much greater detail and can take you to another world so easily. I absorb books by osmosis, and while I'm a tad picky and have favorite authors and genres, I really do love to curl up and not be interrupted for hours on end (unless it's to replenish the snacks).

Not far from where we live, there is a new and used bookstore that recently expanded into a bigger, brand new location. We know the owners via mutual friends, which is how we discovered this gem of a bookshop to start with. And WOW. We've always gotten simply amazing deals. Discounts on new books and ordered books as well as great deals on used books. And, I can turn in used books for store credit.

Which is why I am so excited today.
It's been a long, long time since I did that, but Friday night I dropped off a large, heavy box as well as a paper bag full of books. Essentially, I get 30% of the list price as credit, and I can apply any store credit towards 50% of a used book purchase (hey, I'm no snob--bring on the used books, man!). And a used book is priced at no more than 60% of the list price (which means I pay half of that. "Read" my lips: 30% of the cost of a book!)

Today they called to tell me they'd entered my books into the system and my store credit balance is (drumroll please!)...over $207!

I still have more books to get rid of. I'm SO thinking this is the way to do it. Just think of the great reads ahead of me and my kids.


Kate McDonald said...

HEy...we are starting an online monthly book club!


October is the first month! You should join!

Our Love Story said...

Ooh! Very cool! Is it Half Price Books?