30 November 2005

blue tooth and lists

I have been sans cell phone since summer when I killed both my phone and my husband's. At times, annoying, other times, no big deal. However, with two kids and running errands and all that, it is nice to have one. We kept putting it off because my parents offered to add one on to their plan, thus saving money and giving me free talk time with a friend who uses the same company. Sounds good, right? Except that every attempt to get said phone failed for any number of reasons. And, it was attempted at least close to half a dozen times. It was always some oddball glitch, nothing more. Waiting for something to process, talking to someone who was incompetent, you name it.

On Monday my dad was in town (he's been doing work a few hours away and staying on site, so we've had to bide our time), and at last he walked into a store and got it all squared away. All I asked for was a flip phone (I despise locking and unlocking the keypad, and inadvertently call people if I don't).

What I got: a nicer flip phone than I'd even imagined, with blue tooth capability. I am just coming to know what this is myself--essentially, it can "go wireless". My father sweetened the package with one of those funky headpieces--yep, the wireless one. I'm still figuring it out, but he insisted it was safer since I have two kids and am driving and all that. Okay. If you insist, I won't complain.

One of my favorite features, however, is the voice recorder. I am a list-a-h0lic (my husband can now predict when I "need" to make a list while we're talking!). And, now I can create voice lists! I can just record the things I need and write them down later, all at once. This way I'm not searching for my list to add to it (I'm only mentally organized). It's just a little button on the side that works when the phone is open.

I love it. A virtual list maker!

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AfricaBleu said...

Glad you're having so much fun, tech-girl.

My kids love the recorder on my phone too - they are always leaving me messages or asking me weird questions and recording my answers (unbeknownst to me). Rascals.