10 November 2005

full caff today, please

My intent today was to drop off Little B, then nap when Miss C napped. She is napping now. I am not. Am I tired? Very...teething, red bottoms and little boy nightmares do not make for good nights (yes, plural).

I am stupid. I wanted that nap BAD. But, I was a little afraid she and I would oversleep...we have to leave in about 15 minutes, and an alarm sounded like such a lousy way to wake up. Oh well. Guess I'll be making coffee after all (which I only skipped in hopes of grabbing that nap).

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Carbon said...

Oh the coffee question. I always ask myself that...should I have some or not. Nap or not? Now, with a newborn, well, caffeine is banned cuz I want to sleep. But before I always waffled back and forth on whether I should nap or get peppy with coffee :)