30 November 2005

rain on my parade

Something about Thanksgiving Day and parades. It's simply not the same without the sound of announcers and music 'floating' by in the background. I grew up on a steady diet of this (every year, we were at my grandparents and it was always on) and something is missing without it.

Back in June, we cancelled our cable. It was wasted on us since we barely have time to watch anything, and when we found time, there was nothing good on. Little B watched one or two kid's channels sometimes, and that was it. So, we got Netflix to appease the occasional need to watch stuff and never worry about late fees (we are notorious for accruing them!). We never even hooked up the antenna again because, well, we have not watched regular TV in that long.

So, on the morning of my parades, my husband went out in the nippy air to hook it up for me. And found it was cut. The cable guy who hooked us up to cable several years earlier had just cut it to make room for his wires. Thanks a bunch. Can we say personal property???

While I was in the shower, my husband found a random spanish channel that had it on (where that and a couple other channels came from, we will never, ever know). Little B watched the parade in spanish for all of five minutes (and I missed it entirely, of course), but the commercials were apparently not too family friendly, so off it went. The parade wouldn't have been the same anyhow, not knowing how heavy the floats were and such.

Rather than procrastinate again (as we'd obviously done with the antenna...ahem), we called the cable company and filed our complaint and last night they came out to fix the cable they'd cut. A few days too late, mister. But, it's ready for the next round of parades, at least!

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