23 November 2005

take two

So, my husband calls me last night on his way home from the office and quite excitedly says, “Well, I must have finally ‘arrived’—I got invited to the secret Engineer’s Christmas Party!” The what? He'd never heard of this party, but has seen invitations floating about before, not knowing what they were. It is held at the owner’s home (which we frequent anyway since he is family, but that’s beside the point), and apparently is the client party (his aunt filled him in when he called to RSVP). A few years back when the formal party became employee-only, this was the way they still invited clients to mingle. This year, he was 'finally' invited because he now deals directly with the clients more than he used to.

And, while it is a little more casual—good golly miss molly—I now have to figure out TWO party friendly outfits. Just go ahead and shoot me.


kim said...

thats cool!!!

Except that you now need two outfits! :{

Good luck :) & Happy Thanksgiving!!!

AfricaBleu said...

Ahhh, it's nice to be in the "in" crowd.

And have fun shopping!