20 November 2005

little black dress or something...

Every year my husband's company throws a nice Christmas party for their employees. And, I do mean nice. In the eight years we've been attending, the parties have evolved and become quite a classy event (except for the perpetual drinkers who tend to throw a bit of the atmosphere on occasion, but that's a small detail, really).

The first year the party was held in the office with buffet-style meals and included clients and had presents for a few children who were invited. The next two years, the party was adults only, then there was a children's Breakfast with Santa for all the kids of the employees and clients. And yes, there were pictures and gifts for each child. Pretty amazing production--we were even able to take a friend's little boy one year since we were sans-child at that point in time. A few clients began to abuse the priveledge of these invites, and eventually they stopped all of that. The next few years the parties, for employees only, were held at a nice hotel ballroom (there were even discounted rooms available for those unable or unwilling to drive home). Each year there was some type of white elephant gift exchange, door prizes, charicatures, awards, etc.

For the last two years they have been held at a local upscale members-only club. We're talking sit down dinners, food of impeccable taste, nicer awards, and professional pictures. And, thank goodness, they have finally delivered us from that awful white elephant game (it was fast becoming an alcohol exchange).

This year's party is less than two weeks away--Friday, December 2. And, once again, I have my annual dilemma: what to wear.

A few nights ago, I tried on everything remotely appropriate left in my closet. There is nothing that will work. Nothing. I even tried on a few things from past years, figuring no one would remember them anyway. My body has changed a LOT over the past eight years, is all I can say. Some of those outfits have long since been sent on their way, but I still have too many dressy things that do not fit anymore (I have hope for some of them).

So, I am once again on the hunt for that elusive outfit. I loathe hose. Really, truly. I didn't even wear them at my own wedding. I was thinking a long skirt/dress or pants would be a lovely way to avoid hose (again). I also want a reasonable budget since I only might wear the outfit for some other occasion--and I want to be thinner next year anyway!

Oh, did I mention that I grow tired of trying on clothes REALLY fast? Yeah. The next week and a half in crowded stores with two kids should be loads of fun.


Carbon said...

Wow, I'm in the same situation. I bet women everywhere partly dread the office Xmas party ;-)

Just giving birth 3 weeks ago, well, my body isn't anywhere close to where it "used to be". So, trying to find a dress is kinda stressful. Especially with 2 kids. ha ha ha

I hate hose too. JUST HATE IT!

xtina said...

tee heehee. You'd love the training where you have to wear nylons 6 days a week for TWO YEARS Thigh highs aren't so terrible...